Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Blinked

My BABY is 18!!! Whoa!
Above: Senior Prom April 2, 2010
Below: Senior Portrait April 5th

It seems like just yesterday that I held her for the first time. *Sniff, sniff* (After my third and longest pregnancy that I thought would NEVER end. ;) Now, she's ready to graduate high school in four shorts weeks and head off into the hard, cruel world. Sometime, somewhere, along the way, I must have blinked.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Practically)

Cheerios ---- not just for breakfast anymore! Apparently, Leon thinks they're also good hair accessories. =) When he's sleepy, he rubs his hair. Well, he must have been hungry and sleepy this snack time. lol

Mallory grabbed the camera and snapped these last weekend. =)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Leon in His "Pretty Boy Clothes" (according to Poppa:)

Shelbi's Senior class met up at a local antebellum home last night to take prom pictures. (That post is coming soon as I get them edited. I promise. :)
Anyway, I've been dying to take some of the Leon at one of these homes so after I took Shelbi's pictures we changed Leon into an old outfit that belonged to my brother, Leon's Great-Uncle Ras. Ras wore this outfit for Easter when he was a year and a half. He's now 29 years old. (A very young great-uncle.:)
At first Leon wasn't too sure about the outfit or standing in clover. :)

He quickly overcame the reluctance.

Poppa let him stand on the bench. That made him happy.
This is his delighted squeal. Silly boy!

Sweet, sweet smile. Awww.

Then he posed himself. :)

I LOVE this picture!
And this one, too!

An eyelash profile shot, just for Mrs. Jami! ;)

Poor tired, hungry boy had had enough. So, we headed home.

That concluded this photo shoot. :)

He must have been already starting to feel badly. He took a milk bottle and passed out before 7 PM. He didn't wake up until 5:15 or so this morning and had a temp of 101.9. He was pitiful. I gave him a couple of doses of Tylenol before he left. Then his Aunt Mallory and Uncle Daniel drove him home to his mom. I'd had him since Sunday afternoon for my Spring Break. He was supposed to go home today anyway and I'm sure he was glad to see his Mommy. Hope he's feeling better soon.