Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Play Catch

Catch up, that is!
Where do I start? Has it really been over a month since Christmas?! So much has been going on, but I guess I need to post a few Christmas pictures and work my way up to now.
Leon's first Christmas stash!

Mommy (Sarah) helps go through the stocking!

Think Santa came a little too early? ;)

Shelbi got new slippers from MawMaw. Thought this was a pretty good picture of her. She rarely lets me take hers.

Poppa and Mason sharing the love! Aww!

Harlee loves her "Bubba" (Noah)

Her pouts are looking a little gangster rapper. LOL I think Shelbi was aggravating her.

Christmas night Smiley Boy wore his new Sponge Bob pajamas from Aunt Bambi. So sweet!

Two of my favorite guys! Noah spent the night Christmas night and he and Leon enjoyed some male bonding time. :)

Miss Priss decided to model her new clothes her Mommy gave her and her bright green boots Mimi and Poppa gave her for her birthday. What a ham!

Mason and Harlee posing for Mimi.

Harlee is not so sure about this babysitting gig. Look at that staring contest our babies have going on. I forget who won.

Still getting around "commando style" at 10 months. He is not really in a hurry to walk.

Becca and Lauren got to come for New Year's weekend to open presents. This was one of the few pictures we got after they got here. Spent all our time visiting and the camera was put up. Happens a lot--- we live 5 hours apart and haven't seen them since July. Then, when we get together, I don't get pictures because we just focus on them and their Mom. That'll change when Larry and I get settled in Texas. We'll be half as far from them then and should be able to see them a lot more often! That's a huge positive out of this move. We love our nutty, loud little girls and hate to go months without seeing them. This has been a rough, busy year for us, but also for Debbie. She just bought and remodeled a house this fall and is still trying to get settled. We want to go up and see it soon, just rearranging our life right now.... Hoping to get up there to visit and take some pictures!!! They're coming down for sure in May for Shelbi's graduation, so I know we'll see them then if we can't go sooner.

Lauren thoroughly enjoyed being with Leon. They are two really easy kids. Just look at him laying there with her watching cartoons. Doesn't he look like such a big boy there?

Debbie's Belated Birthday Post

My oldest stepdaughter Debbie's birthday was the 13th and I am just now getting her birthday post up. I know, I know---- two weeks late (13 days, to be exact)! Bad stepmom!!! I'm sorry, Debbie!
I'm not sure if Debbie has hit the magic age yet where she wants to stop announcing the years. So... I'll just say that she was thirteen when Larry and I married almost twenty years ago and I'll let you do the math. LOL I hate math, don't you?
If you remember some of my previous posts about Larry's and my marriage, you might recall that I met Larry and his family ten years before we ever dated. So, I've known Debbie since she was two and a half. Yep, met her during her terrible two's (honestly, she was a really good two year old). Then married her dad when she was thirteen. Any potential stepmoms reading this take note!! Thirteen is not the ideal age to gain a stepchild. ;)
As the teen years raged on (and the hormones), battle lines were drawn and crossed many times. However, after maturing and becoming independent, I can honestly say that Debbie became one of my best friends and greatest blessings. I love her with all my heart. These few pictures are some of my favorites taken over the last couple of years.

This one was taken Nov. 2007. Her oldest, Becca, will turn 9 in a few days and Lauren is now 5.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. All of our girls look so pretty. I took this in our backyard Dec. 2008. They are in birth order from left to right.
Debbie, Stephanie, Leslie, Mallory, Sarah, and Shelbi

***Disclaimer: I did not forget Debbie's birthday! I texted, called, mailed her a card and gift, and FaceBooked her! Only the birthday post was this late. Maybe, I'm not a totally terrible stepmom. =)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meet Marley Nicole

I became a great-aunt this week--- for the second time! My niece, Lindsey, had her first baby Wed. the 6th. Marley Nicole weighed 6 lb. 13 oz. and is perfect. Lindsey had a really long, hard labor. From what I heard, she had quite a few witnesses in the delivery room. Her husband, her mom, and her sister were in there. My stepmother Margie, Lindsey's Granny, was able to be in there also. Lindsey is my brother Ronnie's oldest daughter and the first grandchild in our family.
Lindsey was only 20 when her daddy, my brother, was killed in a car accident almost 6 years ago. He and Lindsey favored a lot, so Marley not only reminds me of her mommy, but also of her grandfather.
Mommy and Marley

This is the picture that reminds me of Ronnie and Lindsey's baby pictures.
She passed out after her bottle.

Isn't she one of the prettiest newborns? She is so tiny and dainty! I can't wait to get a picture of her next to Leon! He'll look like a giant. =)
Lindsey, your daddy would have been so happy over your beautiful little baby girl!