Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leslie and Her New Family!!! :)

My youngest, red-headed stepchild, Leslie remarried today.  The bride was beautiful, the location (in an old chapel) was perfect, and we gained a new son-law and two new grands.  :)  Omar, the groom, is a great Christian (most importantly) and father to his two kids.  We actually didn't meet him until an hour or two before the wedding.  lol  Everyone there, though, kept telling us how wonderful he is and how much he loves Leslie.  He also came with two of the cutest, sweetest, funniest kids!  (I sound like a Mimi already.  lol)  I can't believe my baby stepdaughter is now a stepmom herself!  :)   

The ceremony.
"I do."  He was so nervous!  It was cute.

With this ring...

Love the look on her face... pure joy!

Another picture of joy!

Cinderella's slipper  ;)

Our newest granddaughter~ Hayley.  Isn't she pretty?

The newest grandson~ Gian (John)  He wouldn't smile until his dad tickled him!  So cute!

The whole family

Leslie, Omar, Hayley and Gian
I LOVE this picture!  (and the people, too)
We are very happy Leslie got such a great instant family!  :)

The reception.....
The cake was beautiful... and delicious.  :)

The bouquet and the rings.

Omar's favorite!

The kidnapped bride~ She's yelling, "HELP!"  Hilarious!!! 

My absolute favorite!!!!  :)  What a cast of CHARACTERS!
They should have a LOT of family fun!


Welcome to our family, Omar, Hayley & Gian!  We are so blessed!  :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Updated Photography Blog :)

It's been MONTHS since I posted on my photography blog.  Just been really busy and the only pictures I've taken in forever were of the grands.  Those I posted on here and Facebook.  Finally took some Senior portraits again.  This post is for my niece, Hayley, who begged to be on the blog.  LOL  Soon, I'll post the other Senior girl's pictures.  And maybe a few from the wedding last month and the one I'm doing in a few hours.  Busy~ but FUN!  :)
Click HERE  to see the updated blog post.