Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Debbie's Belated Birthday Post

My oldest stepdaughter Debbie's birthday was the 13th and I am just now getting her birthday post up. I know, I know---- two weeks late (13 days, to be exact)! Bad stepmom!!! I'm sorry, Debbie!
I'm not sure if Debbie has hit the magic age yet where she wants to stop announcing the years. So... I'll just say that she was thirteen when Larry and I married almost twenty years ago and I'll let you do the math. LOL I hate math, don't you?
If you remember some of my previous posts about Larry's and my marriage, you might recall that I met Larry and his family ten years before we ever dated. So, I've known Debbie since she was two and a half. Yep, met her during her terrible two's (honestly, she was a really good two year old). Then married her dad when she was thirteen. Any potential stepmoms reading this take note!! Thirteen is not the ideal age to gain a stepchild. ;)
As the teen years raged on (and the hormones), battle lines were drawn and crossed many times. However, after maturing and becoming independent, I can honestly say that Debbie became one of my best friends and greatest blessings. I love her with all my heart. These few pictures are some of my favorites taken over the last couple of years.

This one was taken Nov. 2007. Her oldest, Becca, will turn 9 in a few days and Lauren is now 5.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. All of our girls look so pretty. I took this in our backyard Dec. 2008. They are in birth order from left to right.
Debbie, Stephanie, Leslie, Mallory, Sarah, and Shelbi

***Disclaimer: I did not forget Debbie's birthday! I texted, called, mailed her a card and gift, and FaceBooked her! Only the birthday post was this late. Maybe, I'm not a totally terrible stepmom. =)

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