Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There Came the Bride...

Leslie and Joseph got married July 7, 2006 in a park in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Believe it or not, the weather was nice. It was actually cool (for July) and there was even a breeze blowing!
This first picture is my favorite of Leslie in her dress. She looks SO beautiful, happy, and calm. Shouldn't all brides look like that?!

This is Larry having his "you don't have to do this talk" that I mentioned on Mallory's anniversary post. (Leslie was our 4th bride and got married only 13 days after Mallory! I KNEW that would happen when they both got engaged New Year's weekend that year. Talk about stress! LOL)

Here is Leslie with our newest son, Joseph. Joseph gave us one of our greatest gifts ever and I doubt he realized it! When he and Leslie came down for New Year's weekend, Leslie knew he was going to ask Larry for her hand, but she didn't know that he was going to propose in front of our whole family! We didn't either! Leslie's parents divorced when she was only three. Leslie and her mom and stepdad moved over 6 hours away from Larry when Les was four. Needless to say, Larry missed SO many "firsts" with Leslie. He missed her first day of Kindergarten. Even after they moved back to our town a couple of years later, he still missed her first date, getting ready for prom, getting her first car, etc. So that's why getting to see her expression when Joseph dropped to one knee, was such a gift... a wonderful, unforgettable gift! Thanks, Joseph! We owe you one!

There were two other bridesmaids, other than Leslie's FIVE sisters. It was a little confusing for the photographer when she asked that all of the bride's sisters step forward for a picture and only two girls stayed back! ;-)
Here are all of our girls and the oldest two grandchildren. L to R: Sarah, Debbie, Leslie, Mallory, Stephanie, and Shelbi. Rebecca (5) was the flower girl (and "perfect princess") and Noah (4 1/2) was the ring bearer (more like "wedding clown"). ;)

During the ceremony, Noah repeatedly called Becca's name (She ignored him. Good girl!), sat down and "chilled" on the steps, ate his shoestrings, talked to his grandmother, and proclaimed (rather loudly) that he needed to use the bathroom! Too bad the videographer got NONE of this on video--- we could have easily walked away with the grand prize on America's Funniest Videos. LOL
In spite of all of Noah's antics, and the wind blowing out the unity candle, it was a beautiful ceremony!





  1. thanks! shouldn't have read this at work...now i have a big lump in my throat. and it doesn't help that "butterfly kisses" is playing here! i'm going to have to read this to joseph, he'll really like it. thanks again. love you!

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful bride! That first photo is just GORGEOUS!