Saturday, June 1, 2013

If Anyone's Still Reading This, This is for You! :)

I would not blame anyone that no longer comes to my blog.  (Linda, if you are still looking for me I'm quite sure you are in the minority.  lol)  Lord knows I don't understand how I even have followers after ignoring this blog for the past two years.  They must be like me and rarely edit their reading lists. ;)  Even though I haven't posted, I have been keeping up with the blogs I follow.

I don't have the excuse that nothing blog worthy has happened around here in two years, but not a lot of major things.  I just got so far behind, I gave up the idea of catching everything up.  (I do hope to go back and add some posts of highlights, milestones, and a couple of short vacations.)  Some think I should close it and start a new blog, but I did document several life events: Shelbi's victory over Selective Mutism, the addition of the three most recent grands, and two years of the grands' lives.  I don't have the heart to erase all of that.  So, here's an attempt to start again, without starting completely over.

We have two new grandbabies coming this year (in August and October) and I want to celebrate and document their arrivals! I really hope to do better keeping up this time~ at least write about major events/memories.  I never want to post prayer requests again and not follow up with posting His answers.  Many people prayed during the MS River floods two years ago and my community was blessed to avoid catastrophic damage/losses.  Some families did lose camps and some lost their homes (that lived near the camps), but on the whole, we escaped the tragedies a lot of towns and cities suffered.

Right now, I am on Summer Break.  It will be spent with Larry while he is recuperating/healing from hernia surgery he had yesterday.  It was a second repair on a hernia he had patched last summer that never healed properly.  He'll be off work for six to eight weeks (without pay), so this will be a broke summer to say the least.  I'm just thankful it's nothing more than a hernia.  So many in our community have been diagnosed with cancer recently or lost loved ones.  I know how much worse we could have it.

Anyway, I'm sorry this post is so long overdue.  I hope it helps to see a couple of Leon's (4) and Harlee's (6) Spring pictures.  I took these in a park near here right after Easter.  :)



  1. Well, welcome back! It's good I have you in my reader, which is going out of business July 1st, so I know when you do write. I hope the new site of 'Feedly' will do as well as Google reader has done. Why can't they leave well enough alone?
    The kids are so cute. We have a Noah, too! Enjoy your summer! I finally resigned my 'volunteer' job. My teacher is so sad.

  2. Linda, when I saw that I had a comment, I knew it would be from you! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Calley. Hoping to do a better job this time. ;)

  4. Checking my blog list tonight :) I guess with a private blog I shouldn't complain about blogging for myself and you only lol. But I can't deal with strangers looking at Wyatt's future pictures, so it's going to remain private, even if it only has two readers :P