Saturday, February 21, 2009

Introducing My Newest Heart

Leon Wayne
Monday, February 16, 2009 at 1:24 am
7 lb. 4 oz. and 20 in.

Well, I'm really not sure where to begin. Sarah called last Sunday afternoon and said she had been experiencing some "uncomfortable pains," but wasn't sure they were the real thing. This being her due date, I asked if she wanted us to head her way. After all, she is almost three hours from us. She told me to wait, she was going to go walking, and she'd call if they got regular or more intense. About 7:45 that evening, she called to say her contractions had been about 7 min. apart for an hour. Larry, Shelbi, and I were in the car and on the road by 8:00 (my bags had been packed for a week). After an hour on the way, with almost NO CELL SERVICE, I was finally able to get through to Sarah. Some friends had taken her to the hospital, the pains were about 2 or 3 min. apart, and she was already close to FIVE centimeters. I was panicking for several reasons. Number 1, because we were still an hour and a half away from her. Number 2, I wasn't sure anyone was there with her. Number 3, when I had her I went from 5 centimeters to having her in an hour and a half. I called friends and asked them to pray we would make it in time. Finally, we got there around 10:30. She was in a birthing room all alone, and crying uncontrollably. The nurse checked her and said she was 7 centimeters. Sarah had planned all along to NOT have an epidural, but the pains were so intense she decided to get one. By the time she got it, and it took affect, it was almost midnight. An hour later, she was dilated to 9 cm. and they began prepping her. Larry left the room and Shelbi and I stayed with her. At 1:24 AM, Leon entered the world. Shelbi and I were crying, Sarah just seemed kind of shocked and relieved. It was definitely one of the most intense, beautiful moments of my life. The emotions were overwhelming and there are no words to describe watching your grandchild enter the world. I was so proud of Sarah. She did a great job, especially considering she had worked from 7 that morning to 3. She kept her calm through the contractions, waited to go to the hospital at the right time, and pushed with all her might in spite of being totally exhausted. There were no complications during her entire pregnancy or during the birth and Leon is perfect (except for a case of jaundice). We are so blessed!!

Sarah and Leon meet for the first time(on the outside).

Leon is named after two of the best men in mine and Sarah's lives. My grandfather (aka Poppa) was named Floyd Leon. My husband's name is Larry Wayne.

Proud Poppa and his little namesake.

Leon and Aunt Shelbi

Dressed and ready to go home on Wednesday. His sleeper says "Thank Heaven for Baby Boys" and he is wrapped in the same blanket I brought his Mommy home in. He looks just like his Mom's newborn pictures. :)

Here he is all dressed up for his first well baby checkup. He is a breastfed baby and jaundiced so he had to go for a checkup and blood work Friday morning. The bilirubin count was elevated so we had to go back early Saturday morning. Thanks to all the prayers of family and friends, he doesn't need "light treatments." Praise God!!!

Poor baby, his Mimi's favorite hobby is photography. He had his first photo shoot Saturday at only 5 1/2 days old. Hope he gets used to the camera. He's too beautiful not to snap away. :) I only took 200+ pictures between Sunday night and Saturday afternoon. That's not too many, right?

The beautiful new mommy and her angel.

Finally, my turn. Look at that little face!!!

Welcome to the world, Mimi's little Leo the lion hearted.



  1. he is so handsome...sarah is such a trooper! tell her to email me if she has any breastfeeding questions. i didn't do it for very long but i have a friend who is going on a year so she should know! :)

  2. What a sweet baby! And he was born on MY birthday! I'm sorry he missed Valentine's Day, but he is still a "Sweetheart!" That is what I always tell people anyway.

    I've missed your posts, but we went to Omaha to see all the "short ones".


  3. He is so precious! And NO THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT too many pictures. (From one photographer to another!)

  4. How precious... Sarah and Leon look great. The pics are so good Penny. I like the second one of Sarah and Leon, and the one of you!

  5. wait- I mean the last one of Sarah and Leon- but they are all good!

  6. Nice post and very nice images! He and his mommy will be the lucky one...having someone to document his/their milestones.