Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prayer Request

Hi Everybody,
Sarah called today upset because she missed her appointment this morning with her OB. She overslept. When she called to tell the office she would be late, they informed her the doctor she's been using went out of town yesterday and will be gone a month! Then the receptionist said they couldn't get her in to see another doctor until next week. She reminded them she is due this weekend, hasn't been checked in two weeks and was 2 centimeters then, and told them he has not completed her birth plan, or even done the last ultrasound he was supposed to do. The receptionist just repeated that the doctor wouldn't be back for a month. Sarah is stressed out, hormonal (of course), and exhausted from two jobs and being nine months along. She wasn't just upset-- she was sobbing. I tried to comfort her, but it's hard being three hours away from her and she about had me in tears, too. I know as many people as we have lifting her up in prayer already, that God has a plan, is in total control of the situation, and has the doctor lined up that is supposed to deliver this child. Getting all of that through to Sarah (and I did share all of it with her) is not easy, especially in the mental state she is in. Please continue to lift her up. Unless, she makes it to next Wednesday, I don't think she will meet her doctor until she goes to the hospital. Be praying for whomever that will be. Thank you so much. God bless you.


  1. I'll be praying for her, but I can't believe that a Dr. would leave for a month when he has women that are due. He must not be much of a professional not to have made arrangements for his patients. His office staff is very unsympathetic too.

    My prayer for Sarah is, "Lord, protect her, and give her peace during this time. Bring her precious baby into the world safely. In Jesus' Name.

  2. What the heck is wrong w/ that doctor???

    Tell Sarah sonograms aren't all they're cracked up to be (ok thats kind've an inside joke b/c I'm the worlds biggest sonogram hater!) I know how much she was looking forward to it...I'm still looking forward to one I can actually enjoy!

    Tell her that its probably God's will that the doctor left town b/c if he/she is that stupid and inconsiderate then I'm sure God has a much better doctor lined up to deliver the baby.

    And when the baby is ready, she'll know. Not that this is my own personal experience, but I do hear that some type of water gushes from somewhere or something. And I'm pretty sure it hurts at some point...again, not that I know.

    I know its so hard being so far away. I am praying for her....keep us updated!

  3. Man, isn't that the worst when they call you and they're far away and you cant get to them. It kills me. I am sorry she was so upset. I will be praying. Oh, and I'm with Casey on that sonogram hatin' thing. Gonna be granma/mimi again soon! Ready for some time off work?