Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sarah is 21!

I can't believe Sarah is 21 today! I collected all of these pictures from her childhood and scanned them in today. (No digital cameras in 1988-- no personal computers, either.) Time really does fly. I was almost 23 when Sarah was born-- now she's 21 and a mom! Amazing! I am so proud of the young woman/mother she's becoming. I will be heading to her house tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning. I'm on Spring Break and want to spend it with her and Leon. I doubt his little bottom will hit the crib, except at night! I can't wait to see them!
This is Sarah at 30 days old. I plan on taking a picture of Leon
at 30 days and post that next week.
Sarah at 2 or 3. Always the clown and ready to party! :)

Sarah at 6. Isn't she the cutest little
cheerleader you've ever seen?!
I think this is her 7th birthday. (I didn't do
a very good job writing on the backs of my pics.)
Those are her cousins, Amber and Briana, that are
the same age as Sarah.
This is her "dressing up" at around 11 years old.
I think she and her sister, or friends, were
playing "makeovers."
Eighth grade picture.
All dressed up for her Senior Prom. Isn't she lovely?!

And 3 weeks ago today with her 5 day old
son, Leon!



  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah! We hope you will have a great time with your mom, and that she will have a great time with Leon. Check her luggage when she comes home to make sure he isn't stuffed in there somewhere!

    Penny, is that a picture of Leon and you on the right side of the blog?

    Have fun!

  2. You forgot to mention Josh in the background of the birthday picture. I know it was just an oversight. Apology accepted! I know she is gonna love you for this post. But seriously all those are good pictures so she shouldnt mind.

  3. So wonderful to see your children grow up so fast... on a blog! Wow!

    I am a new follower... enjoy your blog. I knit, and once a week am
    trying to have a contest on my blog to give away a free baby
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  4. That's funny, Cristi! You know, I realized Josh was in there as soon as I published it. So are you, back behind Bri's head. I think all 3 of yours must have been at EVERY party mine had (until Sarah and Shelbi started their all girls parties). Sometimes, I miss these days, but LOVE this period in my life too.

  5. PENNY... YOU WON THE BLANKET!!!! There were 15... my girls and
    I just counted.... ( we wanted to wait and be surprised together... I
    had let them put the alphabet letters in themselves). You can email
    me at to let me know how to mail the blanket


  6. Hey Penny, Leon is adorable and looks very well taken care of! Sara is soo lucky to have a calm baby! I can only hope for that... I wish you could be here to take pics of my kids! Pray for me, I need to make it 5 more weeks... Ginger