Friday, March 27, 2009

My "Grand" Vacation

I saw a post on the Riggs' blog a couple of weeks ago. It was titled "You know you're old when...." and encouraged the readers to finish the statement in their comments. I couldn't think of anything to put at the time, but I have one now. You know you're old when... Spring Break is spent visiting with the grandkids! LOL
As a kindergarten teacher, I get a "Spring Break." However, mine was not spent at the beach, but with my "babies." I headed to Sarah's and Leon's on Monday the 16th. I got my "baby fix" on till Thursday. Then Sarah and Leon came to my house the next day for the weekend. Two of our girls (and two grandgirls) came in from Arkansas, so we had a mini family reunion!

Is it just me or does Leon look a little surprised to see Mimi on his 4 week birthday? I got a rare "awake" picture.

Don't you just LOVE sleeping baby pictures?! Especially when the baby's this pretty? Who's prejudiced? Not me!

Here's a new picture of Rebecca and Lauren. Look how beautiful they are! Lauren was in the BEST mood this weekend! (Remember, she's the unpredictable one. :) All of the kids were SO sweet and happy all weekend! The following pics were all taken last Sunday.

I love this new portrait of Becca! I think I'm going to enlarge this one. I haven't gotten a good one of her in a while. Don't my azaleas make a pretty backdrop? They don't now! It's been storming for days and the downpour a couple of hours ago pretty much destroyed them.

We had fun just hanging out in the backyard, too. Harlee had a ball swinging, while her brothers spun so fast on the tire swing I couldn't even get a picture of them that wasn't a blur.

Here is the first picture of all six together! L to R: Lauren, Becca and Leon, Noah, Harlee, & Mason.
One more sleeping baby picture to tide you over. I was rocking him right before he had to leave. It will probably be another couple of weeks before I see him again. :(
He's almost 6 weeks old already! He was almost 5 weeks in this picture. Precious boy!
I remember watching my Nan holding Sarah right after she was born. Nan had 6 kids, 15 grandkids, and Sarah was her fifth great-grandchild. I asked her, "Nannie, don't you ever get tired of babies?" She answered, without hesitation, "Never." After three babies of my own and 6 grandchildren, I feel EXACTLY the same way. Nothing has ever compared with the feeling of holding a new baby. PRICELESS!!


  1. he is beautiful! looks just like when we last saw him, i figured his face would've changed a bit. i can tell he's getting bigger though =)

  2. You go back to the post "Weekend Visit with Leon," and you'll see a big difference in him. His complexion is MUCH better! He went to the doctor for a stomach virus yesterday (he was throwing up and had bad diarrhea) and weighs 10# 7 oz. That's more than 3 lbs. in six weeks! Little porker! =)

  3. I like your page. Nice pictures.