Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How Do You Like Me Now?

I decided to change the "Valentine's" background. It did fit with the "grandkids are my heart" theme, but I wanted something different. I haven't blogged much lately, not much blog worthy going on and I've been a little busy.

I know I've mentioned my photography hobby, but I also do it some on the side. (Private school teacher pay doesn't go very far. ;) People saw some of the pictures I took when I first got my camera and asked me to take pictures of their kids.

Now, I am fully aware that I am NO Jami, Van, or T. G. (awesome local professionals) by ANY means, but you don't have to be when the subjects are as beautiful as these two little sisters!
Here's one of my kindergarten students from last year.

And her beautiful little sister!

I've also done several Senior portrait sittings so far.

I'm editing some more I took this past weekend.

I've been blessed to meet several sweet new babies.
Have I mentioned I LOVE babies?

My one (and probably only ever) wedding.
Tiffany made a beautiful bride! (Her mom looks okay, too.) LOL
Love ya, Lenie!!!

I wish my two oldest granddaughters (and Leon) lived close enough to get pictures more often! Their visits are SO rushed. I did get to take Christmas pictures of the older girls the year before last, but this Christmas they weren't able to visit until after the holidays. I also took some pretty ones of Lauren last spring, but Rebecca wasn't here that weekend.

We're so lucky we live where the flowers bloom early, there are a lot of nice public parks, antebellum houses, old churches, and the Mississippi River right in our backyard. (Well, practically!) So many beautiful picture locations to pick from!

I'm going to start another blog soon, just for my photographs. I'm open to taking pictures at events that the professionals may not have time for (reunions, parties, etc.). But, please, NO wedding picture requests. I need more experience (and better meds) before I EVER think of tackling one of those again. Even if it did give me one of my favorite pictures of all times!

These are the hands of the bride (Tiffany), mother of the bride (Ellena), and grandmother of the bride (Mary). Mary is my aunt and Ellena is my first cousin (and one of my best friends on this planet). There are very few people I would photograph a wedding for and she is number one! And maybe the last! LOL

I hope you'll peek at my new blog! I'll let you know when it's up and ready--- might be a few weeks or so.


  1. I think your pictures look very nice. I play with my camera too, but that is what the finished products look like....playing around!

    Good to hear from you again!

  2. You are a great photographer! And I wouldn't have had anyone else but you do my babies wedding, or my Babies senior pics. I Love You and Thanks for always being there to take pics of all my babies.

  3. great pics mrs. penny. we need to have you do an Avery Spring session! I need a price list :)