Friday, April 17, 2009

What Terrible Two's???

Everyone talks about how "terrible" two year olds are. I guess I really am nuts, because that is one of my FAVORITE ages! Yes, I've been through three of my own and we're on the fifth two year old grandchild. (Leon is next.) I LOVE the independence of this age, the curiosity, and the ever increasing vocabulary! They're like sponges between one and five and it amazes me! My oldest, Mallory, was so funny and charming at two. I don't remember her ever throwing a fit/tantrum. She was pretty much a laid back, sweet baby, and child. :) My middle child, Sarah, was the typical two year old. Her vocabulary wasn't developed enough to get her wants and needs across, so she would have her little "meltdowns." We actually have her on video throwing toys down and crying. Her fits were usually over in five minutes, though. Then there was Shelbi! I'm not sure if she would have been an easy toddler or not. Let's just say that being on the steroid, Prednisone, off and on between 16 months and 3 1/2 years, definitely messed with her moods. (The steroids were used to help control her blood disorder.) When she was on the medicine, she was miserable and the least little thing could cause a meltdown. She would disolve into tears and literally roll on the floor crying for hours. Nothing and no one could console her. When she wasn't on it, she was the cutest, smartest, funniest, most charming child you'd ever meet. She'd count for you, play games, sing songs, and was SO affectionate!
As each of the first four grandchildren turned two, I held my breath. For the most part, they were adorable, with some of the mild "terrible" moments few and far between.
The youngest granddaughter has, so far, been just like Shelbi (the unmedicated version)! She is delightful and I don't think I've EVER enjoyed a two year more--- and like I said, it's my favorite age! Unlike Shelbi, she NEVER meets a stranger and charms everyone. Look at that face!
The weekend before Easter, we took her to the Catfish Festival in Winnsboro, LA. Everyone knows you DON'T strap a two year old into a stroller for hours, during her usual napping time, in a crowd, and expect her to be good. This child was an angel! I'm not kidding! On the way there, she talked and sang a few songs, then fell asleep in the carseat for the last 30 minutes. I thought, "Oh man, she's going to be tired and awful!" Don't they love to prove us wrong! We strapped her in the stroller and she laced her fingers together and sat there like a little lady for about an hour. She never cried or even asked for anything! She didn't even cry when she dropped her sunglasses and a man stepped on them! :( She looked cute in them while they lasted. See?

Here we are waiting for our funnel cake. What's a festival without one of those? She looks like she's trying to decide what else might be good.

She was so good on this little trip, even when I had to change her diaper while she stood on the lid of a port-a-john. LOL

I said, in a previous post, that this one has her Poppa wrapped around her finger. Here she is motioning at him and telling him, "Mere, Poppa." She calls us to come to her all day long! She wants you sitting right beside her or in her lap. She pats her legs and tells us, "Sit in my wap." So funny!
She constantly cracks everybody up. From the time she was 8 or 9 months old her daddy called her "comical." She is indeed! She makes the funniest faces, sings her favorite songs, and has crazy "conversations" on her toy cellphone. Here's you a cheesy smile!

She is so loving, too! Just a few minutes ago, she walked up to me, rubbed my leg and said, "I love you, Mimi." Awwww! Lots of times she has hugged me for no reason and tells me, "Mimi, you such a sweetie." We wondered if she would be jealous of Leon after being "the baby" for over two years. Well, sharing "my Shelbi" with him was the ultimate test and Harlee passed with flying colors. She was loving all over this baby, playing with his feet and hands, and rubbing his little head. She was so gentle with him and kept saying, "Awwweeee." How sweet is that?!

Monday, Shelbi, Noah, Mason, Harlee, and I went to McDonald's for lunch and play time. This is the silly face she makes when we're teasing her. After eating her nuggets, she "ordered" her big brother, Noah, to stop spinning the balls and "C'mon." She wanted him to go in the tunnel with her. He obliged. Way to go, Miss Priss! Poppa's not the only guy she has wrapped!

However, she did show a little bit of the typical two year old when we had to leave the playground! We had a snot slinging fit thrower on our hands for a few minutes, then after a good nap, she was back to her normal, happy little self. =)


  1. What a sweet baby girl! I loved the 2's, but the 3's and 4's could be a challenge. All I really remember is how fast they grew up, and now the grandkids are doing the same thing. Of course, I don't live rally close to any of them, so when we do see them, they look like they've grown a foot!

    Sounds like she has her pa-pa wrapped around her little finger!

  2. Excellent post, now Im not so scared of whats to come! :)

  3. Yes Mal was so completely sweet at 2, except for that one tiny Pimento Cheese sandwich incident. LOL