Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Red-Headed Stepchild =)

Today is Leslie's 27th birthday! Leslie is my youngest stepdaughter. When her Daddy and I got married, Leslie only lacked 16 days from turning 8. Our relationship is a little bit different than most stepmoms and stepdaughters in that I've known Leslie since before she was born. For those of you that didn't read my post on how my husband and I met, Larry and I met ten years before we dated. My family moved next door to his parents when I was 14 and his younger sister and I quickly became friends. Larry was married and had a two year old and a newborn. Less than three years later, they were expecting Leslie (their third baby girl). I actually felt Leslie kicking in her mom's belly. How many stepmoms can say that?! LOL
So, even though Les was almost eight when we married, I have watched her grow from a newborn into a lovely young woman.

When we got married, Leslie's two older sisters were 13 and 10 and my girls were 5 and 2. Since she had been the baby in the family for 8 years, I expected her to have a really hard time adjusting. I was also afraid she would end up resenting my girls/feel threatened by them. I know there was some jealousy, but I was amazed at how easily Les adjusted from being the baby to becoming the middle child overnight.

Leslie is full of compassion and wisdom beyond her years. She does her best to follow God's will for her life. She really loves her family, which includes her husband of almost 3 years, Joseph, four parents, five sisters, four nieces, three nephews, and other extended family members. She is a good listener and is usually the one all her sisters call to vent or use as a sounding board. (Poor thing, that's a LOT of listening. lol) She is also a wonderful aunt! Her nieces and nephews are always on her heart and mind. I know she is going to make a great Momma one day. =)

Here she is with the youngest niece and nephew, Harlee and Leon.

Now, doesn't that look natural? =)

I wanted to post a picture of Leslie at eight. Of course, there were no digital cameras 19 years ago. After turning my house upside down, I was unable to find the box that the pictures are stored in from that long ago. So, I'll just leave you with a recent one where she's acting eight. lol



  1. Happy Birthday, Leslie! What a sweet young lady you are!

    I missed you, Miss Penny!

  2. a whole post of me! i surely don't feel 27...as obvious in the last pic. thanks for all the sweet comment. love ya!

  3. if you're reading this les, then "happy birthday!!!" to my closest sister in age, and the one who i relate the most to =) hope to see you soon! and stupid me bought you a card over a month ago -- it's still sitting on my table, oops =)

  4. You are doing so good with these birthday posts. Your family is very lucky to have you do this for them. I have the best intentions, but I tend to get overwhelmed with everything else and it doesn't help that most of the b'days in my family come at my busiest time of the year!