Saturday, April 18, 2009

Big, Beautiful, Bald, Blue-Eyed, Bouncing Baby Boy!

I hope MckMama doesn't mind if I did a little alliteration of my own. (Like she'll ever see it. LOL)

Shelbi and I went to visit Sarah and Leon last week since we had Good Friday off. We stayed Thursday night and left Friday evening. It had been almost 3 weeks since we'd seen them! It was a short, but sweet, visit. Leon was SO good and we just ate him up. He smiled and even cooed at me a little bit. The only time he cried was when he was hungry, dirty, or sleepy.

I only took about 90 pictures. Sorry to disappoint Leon's fans, but I'm not putting ALL of them on here.
Mimi, look how BIG I've gotten!

Wow! pictures with his eyes open AND uncrossed! ;)

Loving on his Aunt Shelbi.
I love his little "elf" ears and his chubby cheeks.

We took Leon his Easter basket. My Poppa (the one Leon's named after) made five of these baskets when my kids were little and I wanted Poppa's namesake to have one.
The Easter Bunny came on Good Friday.

Sarah had to go shopping for some new work clothes. Yes, she got a job! She's hosting/waiting tables at Cracker Barrel starting Monday. (I LOVE that restaurant!) While she was gone, Shelbi and I dressed Leon up and had a little mini session. Sarah thinks all babies look like little old men, but they really do when they wear sweater vests and dress pants! =)

Then we "un"dressed him and finished our little session.

Talking to his Mimi. Awww!

Are you serious? The Easter Bunny brought me a basket?!

SWEET! Let me at it!

Wait a minute! No CHOCOLATE?! What kind of
Easter Bunny is that?!

Mimi, you tell that Bunny he better bring candy next year, ya hear?
I'll have teeth by then! =)

Did you notice the one eyebrow cocked up in every shot? I think it means he's super intelligent, don't you? LOL I love that expression!
Wednesday was Leon's first day at daycare. The ladies there said he was an angel and only fussed for a bottle. He only had to go one day this week while Sarah went to orientation. He'll start going full time next week when she starts work. Sarah hoped she'd have 2 months at home with him and Thursday he turned 2 months old. How's that for timing? Leon is doing great with the nursing--- gaining well and not spitting up much. (She's pumping and freezing bottles for daycare.) I'm thankful he seems so healthy and happy. What more could we ask for?


  1. He looks like a great baby! Sounds like you had fun!

  2. He is a doll, and you are quite the photographer! Next time he's in town, I want to meet Leon! Maybe we can get our two Leon's together sometime, LOl!

  3. What great pictures. He is precious...
    So happy to find your blog and will be back often. Hope you will visit me....

  4. LOVE the third one down, looks like sarah in that one =) good to know he can finally fit the onesies i got him, but it's not like he doesn't have a million outfits anyway! but i seriously doubt he is going to appreciate the the pic with the sweatervest his mimi put him in =)

  5. The ONLY reason the poor baby is in a sweater vest is because his mother wanted to bring him home in that outfit! It was huge on him then, so he had to wear home the outfit I got him! :) So, while she was gone we took his picture in it just for her. But I still think he's looks adorable, in anything, or in nothing.