Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, dear Becky! Happy Birthday to you!

Today is not only my stepdaughter's birthday, it is also my baby sister's. Becky is 37 today! It's also Becky's first birthday as a "Nannie." So, here's a picture of my sister with her husband, Greg, and their first grandchild, Talon. (Talon is Greg's daughter, Kelsea's baby.) Talon is my first great-nephew! Isn't he precious? And Becky and Greg are the cutest grandparents ever! Becky decided to be called "Nannie" to honor our grandmother. Aww!

Becky has a teenaged daughter, Hayley, and two stepchildren, Kyle and Kelsea. (And a sister named Penny.)

Happy Birthday, Becky!

Love, your favorite sister! (No, the other favorite!)

My little sister also has Multiple Sclerosis, so when you read this birthday post, please say a prayer for her and all who suffer with this disease. Thank you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Miss Becky (Nannie!)

    I had a grandma Nannie, and that was her real name! She would get so mad if someone spelled it Nanny! She always said that was a goat, and she wasn't a goat! I really miss her, and thank you for sharing this. I brought back some wonderful memories of my "Nannie.: