Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi/Lo For the Week

This post is part of "Hi/Lo Thursday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check out their blog to read everyone else's "Hi/Lo" posts and get your link on their site.

Check out my previous post for my "Hi" this week.

My "Lo" was reading about Kayleigh Freeman. So sad.


  1. I tagged you Penny! come read my blog to find out what to do!

  2. You've been tagged! So here is what you do. Make 3 lists of 8. First list 8 things you look forward to. Then list 8 things you did yesterday Then list 8 Programs you watch on TV. Then go tag 8 people to do the same.

  3. I read Calley's comment AFTER I posted mine =) Oh well...

  4. Now I see why Cristi didn't tag've been tagged now multiply times. Oh well...
    I only know so many considered yourself it! (Tag you it!)