Friday, November 20, 2009

Count Your Blessings, Literally

Since hearing that Larry's job will be ending soon, I've really been overwhelmed with all the decisions we are facing regarding our future. So much is up in the air. Still, I have much to be grateful for. I also made a promise to praise Him through the storm and that's what I intend to do. I decided to make a list of my blessings, some new and some old, that I am so very thankful for.

** Disclaimer** They are NOT listed in order of importance or value. :)

1. My salvation at ten years old (well, this one IS number one.) More importantly, I'm thankful for, and to, the one that made salvation possible. He who first loved me.
2. My husband who is willing to sacrifice what he wants in order to provide for us. The fact that he is a great father--- and his children realize it.
3. Our six amazing, beautiful, brilliant daughters.
4. My mother and sisters that have ALWAYS been there for me.
5. Our sons-in-law that we love and, more importantly, that love our daughters.
6. Our six amazing, gorgeous, brilliant grandchildren. =)
7. My awesome network of extended family. I love my aunts, uncles, and cousins. And my stepmother, father, and nieces and nephews. And most of my in-laws. ;)
8. That I grew up surrounded by six loving grandparents. They gave me roots and also sowed the first seeds of faith in my life.
9. Our church family. I've never been to any other church where everyone genuinely loves each other. And they will know you by the love you have for one another.
10. My job, especially now. ;-) And the awesome women I work with.
11. Babies! (enough said)
12. Leon's sweet disposition and his precious belly laugh. I'm thankful that I can have him the whole week of Thanksgiving. Yay for me!
13. Yesterday, when my husband was asked if he hunted, he replied that he doesn't have time because his family is his hobby. :)
14. I love that Harlee says she loves her Poppa the best. Aww.
15. I love that Mason says he loves Mimi the best. Still melts my heart. :)
16. I love that Noah says he loves Poppa and Mimi. Such a diplomat. lol
17. I love that Becca looks for houses with for sale signs (and reports to us when she finds one)because she wants us to live near her.
18. I love that Lauren is comically quirky.
19. I am SO thankful that God completely delivered Shelbi from Selective Mutism this year!
20. My little sister's MS is in remission! Yay!
21. Larry's job offer, even if he decides to turn it down. It's good just to know you're wanted. I know that from experience.
22. My house is warm in the winter, cool in the summer. I have food in the cabinets and the fridge and when I don't, Wal-Mart is .4 miles away.
23. I have the means (right now :) to sponsor two Compassion children, Latifa and John Dave.
24. Every month, when I put my St. Jude withdrawal in the checkbook, I'm grateful Shelbi did not have leukemia 16 years ago.
25. I have friends that know me and still love/tolerate me anyway. =) Mind boggling, I know.
26. Grants, scholarships, and even the loans that helped me return to school 12 years ago.
27. Computers, Internet, and cell phones that keep us connected to our loved ones.
28. Cameras that capture beautiful, treasured memories.
29. Seeing my daughters in gorgeous wedding gowns/bridesmaid/prom dresses. =)
30. Watching my husband in his tux when he gave four of them away.
31. My grandchildren are my favorite little people on the planet. I hope we are best friends when they grow up like my Nannie and I were. I hope they never stop missing and loving me, even after I'm gone.
32. I own old black and white (and more recent) pictures of family members that are gone.

I love that things are going to pop into my head later and I'll have to add to this list. I am trusting that this list will get longer each year.



  1. yes, thank God for husbands that would rather hang out with their wives than hunt or fish, lol. my sweet hubby is taking me to the movies tomorrow and fighting the crowds of teenage girls just so i can get to see "new moon" that's love, haha =)

  2. You have a lovely "Thankful" list! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Great list. I may do one of my own!

  4. I love it! And I like your new photo with your profile... nice to see you with your hubby. I need to update mine. Pray for me... the holiday family drama just always sends me into seasonal depression! Take care!