Thursday, November 5, 2009

Noah is 8 Years (and one day) Old

Our second daughter, Stephanie, had an ultrasound on 6/1/01 and we found out we were getting our first grandson. When she came by that afternoon with the sonogram pictures, Larry said, "I'll believe it when I see it!" LOL At this time we had our six girls and our first granddaughter was 4 months old. Larry couldn't even wrap his head around the possibility of not being the only family member with testosterone.
November 4th, Kenneth "Noah" arrived.

Boy oh boy, we were headed on a new adventure. We wondered if we'd even know what to do with a little boy. People say girls are harder to raise, but when you have nothing else, it's kind of hard to imagine any different. Of course, everyone know babies are all the same, right? Not true of this one. While most infants prefer women over men, Noah was born to be all boy. He was a sweet baby who loved all of us, but would tremble with delight when he heard his Daddy or Poppa talk.

I LOVE the look of total adoration in this one as he looks up at Poppa. =) He's six months here.

About a year and a half. This one was SO Noah! You could never take your shoes off when he was around without him jumping into them. This kid had a shoe fettish early on. That, he gets from his Momma. ;)
At his 2nd birthday party. Long before this picture, Noah was a funny kid. He kept us entertained with tricks, antics, and funny faces.

At 2 1/2, he became a big brother to Mason. Look at that little ham!

At three, he still loved putting on other people's clothes. :)

At four, he was the ring bearer in his Aunt Leslie's wedding. That's a whole 'nother post. LOL I always fall for a man in a tuxedo! Doesn't he look handsome?! And Becca looked like a little princess! Such adorable grandkids--- I'll bet everybody wishes theirs were as cute as ours. ;)

Here's one of my favorites of him with his little brother, Mason. They were 5 and 2 in this one.

Six years old, with his Mommy at his Kindergarten Graduation reception. You think they are kin? If he were a girl, he'd be her clone. :)

Last year, at his seventh birthday party. He had to have a "John Deere" tractor cake. (Yes, Nicki! lol)

He's a great big brother to Harlee (almost 3)! He will do anything for this bossy little sister, except take his eyes off of the Nintendo DS. hehe

Sorry this is a day late! So glad you had a great day yesterday! =)


  1. Aren't grandsons just great! We have 3 grandsons and 5 grand-daughters. Wouldn't trade them for anything!!!! (Of course, mine are just as cute, or maybe just a 'skosh' more, than yours! LOL!

    Have a good day, Penny. I'm praying for a job for your hubby!


  3. love the post. that is me holding him in the first pic...proud aunt =)

  4. My goodness, he is ADORABLE! Found you on Kelly's Korner and I like what I see!

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