Monday, May 31, 2010

My Other Graduate of 2010

My Mason graduated Kindergarten the Monday before Shelbi's graduation. He was so proud. :)

His self portrait. lol

His foot and hand prints butterfly

Their kindergarten class' self portraits are made into a quilt and auctioned off during the next year's Spring Fling as a fund raiser. Word has it, one of these went for 20K one year. *Gasp*

Here are a couple of his poses during the ceremony.

Getting a little comfortable, wasn't he? He was waiting for his turn to recite his poem.

Mrs. Traci handing out his diploma.
Then they danced to Dr. Jean's "Tooty Ta."
This part goes, "Eyes shut, tongue out, bottoms up and turn around." Love this picture!

Notice, by the end, the tie is on the outside of his gown??? He is so funny! I love this kid.
Congratulations, Mason! Who loves you the best? Mimi does. :)

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  1. Before you know it, he will be graduating from HS! Looks like a sweet boy!