Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback Friday

Twenty seven years ago today my best friend, Cristi, and her hubby, Todd, got married. I was honored to be a bridesmaid. :) Her maid of honor, also named Penny, is the one kneeling. I am the one standing next to the beautiful (and tiny) bride. Such a sweet day. No small feat to be married for that long now a days. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, CRISTI & TODD. Love y'all! :)

Five years ago today I was also honored to share in their daughter Casey's wedding day! She wanted to get married on her parents' anniversary. So sweet! That time, my daughter was the bridesmaid, but I got to serve the cake. :) HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY, CASEY & CHARLIE.
(Sorry, I could not put my hands on a picture of your wedding.)


  1. AWWW! Kinda weird looking over and seeing that picture. I was like "that looks familiar" LOL Thanks.

  2. Aww you are too sweet Pipi. ;)

    Love ya!