Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Backtracking :)

I need to catch this blog up! My desktop has gotten so slow and the internet took FOREVER to upload my pictures, so I got really slack posting. Now, thanks to my new wireless laptop, maybe I'll get caught up and back to regularly posting. :)

Debbie's girls, Becca and Lauren, spent a week with us in June. This is the second summer in a row we've gotten them together. Lauren is only 5 1/2, so she just started staying last summer. a week is a long time to be five hours away from your mommy for a little one.
We had a good week, even though it was too hot to do much. Harlee got to come spend a couple of days with them and we went to a friend's house to swim. It was so hot that the water felt like a warm bath!
Top to bottom: Lauren, Becca & Harlee
This is where Harlee spent most of her time. lol

We went to the riverwalk one afternoon to take a few pictures under our bridges.

This would be my favorite if somebody hadn't strolled through the background.

And no, the culprit wasn't some unaware stranger~ it was their own Poppa. lol

So, I settled for this one. Still just as sweet!
And then some individual shots. :)

This one was on the bluff on the Mississippi side of the river.
Poppa wanted one with the riverboat (not a real one, a gambling boat).

Love these two girls! Wish they lived closer!


  1. Nice. We are staying in the air conditioned hotel!

  2. I think its cute- their Poppa about to run through their little heads!
    I like the closer up picture of them between the bridges anyway. Of course you know I always like the close up shots.
    Good picture of Larry
    And last but not least, I think you should crop out the "riverboat" Sweet picture of the girls! lol

  3. Linda, our a/c went out Sat. night. Larry put a window unit in the den and it was enough to cool that and our bedroom/bath. We got it fixed Monday. :)
    Cristi, Larry insisted nobody would know it was not a "real" riverboat. Maybe, nobody but us, if I hadn't told. ha

  4. Great pics of the girls. You should get some shots of the bridge at pretty!

    Oh dear is it really on the DVD? I will email you some pics of Shelbi I have.