Friday, July 23, 2010

More Backtracking :)

In July, our little one came and stayed ten days. Leon is now 17 months old and the sweetest little ham. Here he is trying on Poppa's hat.

He figured out how to climb in the laundry basket. Don't know what this was about! lol

This is what he does when we ask him where his nose is. So cute!

Talking on the phone.

This is my living room when Leon is here. After a couple of cleanup attempts, I gave up and left it like this until he went home. :) He was being so good, though, and not getting into anything but toys.

Besides, I could never get mad at this face.

Dancing with Barney to the Barney sing-along DVD.

On the 4th of July, we headed to the Riverwalk for the fireworks display. At dark, they shoot the fireworks from a barge in the middle of the river. Don't the new lights set the bridges off at night? Really pretty, but I don't want to think about the electric bill. lol

Leon was fascinated with the water and kept pointing it out to Aunt Shelbi.

Sitting on Poppa's shoulders waiting to see his first fireworks display. I love the smile on his little face. :) He looks like such a big boy up there.
He was so cute. At first, he whined and bucked for Poppa to grab the "ball" for him. Then I guess he figured out they were lights and started saying, "Wow!" after each explosion.

Poppa's helmet makes him look like the little martian man on Bugs Bunny. :)

We have had a summer full of grandkids. All that's left is to get some new pictures of Stephanie's this summer so I can post them too. They are all growing up too fast.


  1. Good post. Love the picture of him laughing on Larrys shoulders. I feel ya about the living room look when grandbabies are there. LOL See yall.