Saturday, August 28, 2010

From the Mouths of Babes

I've been meaning to do a post on some of the funny things my grandkids and kindergarten students say. So here it is. Hope you enjoy. :)

Setting: Mimi (that's me) and Lauren are in the bathroom after Lauren's bath. I dried her back, gave her the towel, and told her she could dry the rest of herself because, "You're a big girl now." She said, "I'm supposed to get bigger. I can't get smaller and smaller."

Setting: In the car on the way home. Lauren: Mimi, guess what? Mimi: What? Lauren: Hold on, I'm thinking.

Rebecca (4 or 5) singing in the backseat: "This will be the day I was born. This will be the day I eat corn." I asked her, "Where in the world did you hear that song?" She said, "Y'all sing it at your church." It took a while, but finally my teenage daughter figured it out. "Blessed Be the Name of the Lord????!!!" OMGoodness!

Setting: Pre-K thru 2nd grade Sunday School class on Easter Sunday: Me (the teacher) to two little brothers: Y'all sure look handsome today. (Then, I added, teasingly.) I'll bet your mom is so glad she has such good looking kids, instead of being stuck with some homely ones. Isaac (4): I'll bet she's glad we're good and holy. Me, thinking he misheard me: Good and holy???? Isaac: Well me and Josiah are. (Josiah, 6, is giggling.) Me: Just you and Josiah? Not Amaus? (their almost 2 yr old brother) Isaac leaned across the table, pinched my arm, and said "Amaus pinches like this. What are you thinking???" LOL

Not long ago, three year old Harlee (granddaughter) was knocking on her Aunt Shelbi's bedroom door, hollering, "Let me in." Shelbi hollered back through the door, "Go away." This repeated several times until Harlee got tired of being told to go away. As she walked away she yelled out, "You can't talk to me that way. You hear me?!" Crazy kid!

Last week, I asked my six year old grandson Mason what his new teacher was like. I asked if she is pretty. He ducked his head and said, "Well, I can tell you what kind of clothes she was wearing, but I can't really say what her face looks like." I'm still trying to figure that one out.

When my nephew was about 5, his little sister cried to my mom, "Nana, Aaron took my phone and won't give it back!" (They were playing with old cell phones.) My mom found Aaron with a phone on each ear and asked him why he needed both phones. His answer? "So I can hear me talk to myself." Hilarious!

Over 20 years ago, I took my daughter and stepdaughter to practice for the little cheerleading program at the local high school. When I picked them up, I asked if they had a good time. My five year old piped up, "Well, if you call jumping around and getting hot and sweaty fun~ then yeah." Have mercy!

And this week, from my new kindergarten class and neighboring class~~~~~

I took a broken crayon from a little girl that was throwing it at another child. I tossed it into the trashcan a few feet away. Without missing a beat, the same little girl piped up, "Wow! Great shot!" From scolding to cracking up in 20 seconds flat. hehe

A little boy standing in the bathroom holding the belt from his pants is looking bewildered. Me: Do you need some help, buddy? Him, handing me the belt: Well, this is kind of complicated. Me: stifling laughter: Okay, man. :)

One part of the kindergarten test I administer, at the end of the year or to new transfer students, requires the student to write the letter that the picture begins with. When he told me the sound, but couldn't recall the letter, I made a note on the test. He watched me write and asked, "You don't know, either? That's why you're writing a question?" Dead serious. haha

The teacher next to me, testing knowledge of the five senses, asked one of her little boys, "What do we need our noses for?" He honestly admitted, "Well sometimes, I pick mine." ROFL

Part of the kindergarten readiness test asks the child to write a "message" to someone in order for us to see if they're holding their pencil correctly and understand the concept of print. One said, "Okay, my mom does that on the computer like this." At that point, he was demonstating someone typing. ;)

With 23 kindergarten students, I'm sure I'll have some more of these posts throughout the school year. :)


  1. Cute. I guess we need to enunciate more when singing. :)

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  3. The "grat shot" comment was too funny!