Sunday, October 10, 2010

Prayer Request

My cousin, Jeff, lost his wife unexpectedly this morning.  Vicki went into cardiac arrest early this morning and my cousin administered CPR, but could not revive her.  Neither could the EMT's.  She was only 51.  Besides being a wife, Vicki was also the mother of three daughters, a stepmother to my cousin's son, and a grandmother to four little ones~ one of whom was at her home when she passed away.  Poor little fellow!  Her parents and siblings are also devastated.  My heart breaks for all of them.  Such a tragedy!  Please join me in prayer for her husband and the rest of their family.
God, please grant Jeff, Vicki's parents, daughters, grandchildren, and extended family the comfort and peace that can only be found in Your arms.  Please surround them with your spirit today and in the coming days.  May Your presence, Your grace, and Your love be felt every moment.  May they grow closer to You, each other, and in their faith.  Strengthen, guide, and protect them.  To You may all glory be given.
In the precious name of Jesus,


  1. Oh, Penny, I am so sorry. Praying with you.

  2. OMGOodness. What a horrible & unexpected loss.
    So very sorry Penny.
    Saying prayers for healing....

  3. Thanks, everyone. I drove to Texas for the funeral on the 12th, but haven't seen my cousin since then. I hear from his sister that he is still having a hard time. Her 18 year old daughter, Kelli, and the grandson that was there, Landon, are also hurting badly. Please include them in your prayers.