Friday, January 21, 2011

Leon's Christmas Pictures~ Take Two

After the botched, but funny, attempt at getting a decent Christmas portrait of Leon before the holidays, I did a retake the week after Christmas.  Here are my faves.

This time went much, much better.  He was in such a great mood!  :)

Love the little finger pointing at Poppa or Shelbi.  Love the mischievious grin, too.

Showing off his new shoes that help him "kick ball."

Like I said, GREAT mood! 

Silly face!

Someone asked him to show his belly.  Probably Aunt Shelbi.  lol

Love his sweet smile!
Now this is more like it.  This one's my favorite.

Love this one, too!

Leon stayed with us the week after Christmas.  This is truly one of the sweetest little guys ever!  Christmas Day posts coming soon.  (I know~ I am SO far behind.  My desktop crashed during the holidays and we just got it back up last week.  Thank God my brother-in-law got rid of the virus and my pictures were all still there.  :)

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