Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sanctity of Life~ My Thoughts

I am more a patriotic person, than a political activist.  Politics, other than voting my conscience, turns my stomach.  This is my first ever post about a "political issue," but I am discussing it only from a moral, personal point of view. 
Before I begin, I feel led to clarify that I have always been and always will be Pro-Life.  I am very extreme, even in some Christian circles, in that I do not believe there is EVER a valid reason to justify terminating a pregnancy.   I am fully aware of the arguments that even some Christians give to justify terminating a pregnancy.  I've heard them all.  Usually, when I state my opinion that I don't believe in it for any reason, I am asked, "What if you were raped?  Can you honestly say you could love that child?"  No, I have not been raped~ and have utmost sympathy for those who have.  But does it justify murdering your own child???  If every child whose father, or mother, committed a crime (violent or not) were aborted, or murdered after their birth~ how many fewer people would our planet have?  I have two beautiful daughters whom I love with my whole heart.  I won't go into details of what kind of "father" they had before I married Larry, but suffice it to say that if those standards were applied to their lives, they would not be here.  I do not love them in spite of who fathered them.  I LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE MINE!  I do not love their sister, born of a good man, more than I love them.  How, as a mother, could I hold something beyond their control against my own children? 
"What about when the mother's life is in danger?"  My answer is, "What if it is?  I would DIE for my children.  Even before they were born~ I would have given my life for them.  How can a mother choose her own life over her child's, even if she hasn't met him/her yet?"
"What about a child conceived because of incest?"  That goes back to my original argument about the child of a rapist.  Again, why should a child be killed because of who his/her parent(s) are?  How does putting one through the trauma of an abortion help erase/ease the pain and trauma of rape or incest?
"How do we know when life begins?"   (I haven't heard this one from Christians.)  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I won't answer that one.  I will show you.  HERE, HERE, and, my personal favorite,  HERE.  In the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."  :)

In spite of all my arguments against abortion, (here's where it gets political for some) I have an issue with the demonstrations (not candlelight services, not rallies raising awareness), but demonstrations that bring shame and condemnation on ones who have chosen to have an abortion.  I know some of you are thinking, "WHAT?  You just said you do not believe in abortion under ANY circumstances?!"  I don't and never will.  I'm not condoning those actions.  I am still saying it is sin.  I am still saying it is murder.  But how does condemning, and not loving, ones that have made that choice help the cause?  How does calling someone who, I believe, made a great error in judgment a "murderer" help?  How does throwing blood on women outside a clinic, blowing up a clinic, or murdering an abortionist help?  Instead, I believe we (the body of Christ) need to show compassion to women who felt/feel they had no other choice.  Some actually did not have a choice~ I know some personally that were forced by their parents to have an abortion~ parents who mistakenly thought that a baby would "ruin their child's life/future."  Parents who were told their daughter could die giving birth to a baby at their age/size.  Parents who panicked because "everyone would know."  I am NOT condoning that they sacrificed their own grandchild for any reason.  But I hate that these girls (now grown women) are still made to feel ashamed of a decision they did not make on their own.  A decision that many are still struggling with~ punishing themselves for~ seeking counsel for.  Some did make the choice for selfish reasons.  Have I ever made a choice for selfish reasons?!  Even though it was not a choice that took a life, it is still sin.  If Jesus did not approach people with condemnation, but with compassion and love, who are we (that call ourselves by His name) to think we are justified in condemning them?  I am not saying we should not make it known that it is wrong~ Jesus called sin "sin."  But as he condemned the sin, he loved the sinner.  He told them, "Go and sin no more."  Shouldn't we do the same?  Aren't we called to do the same?  Maybe the best way to cut down on the number of abortions is to love the ones who've had one or the ones comtemplating one.  Wouldn't standing outside the clinic telling these women they have other choices, providing support to unwed mothers, making them aware that God loves them and their baby, be a better way?  Obviously, not enough women that find themselves with an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy know the Lord, His forgiveness, or how great His love is.  Who's fault is that?  (Asked while pointing at myself.)

Promoting adoption and supporting our daughters/sons if they make that decision, may have a larger impact than if Roe vs. Wade were revoked.  As much as I would love to see that happen, I also know that if someone wants to get an abortion~ they will find a way, which leads to more death.  Do I think it should be legal?  NO!  Murder should never be legal.  God is the author and giver of life and death and I believe those matters are to be left only in His hands.  I don't have all the answers, and won't even pretend to.  Stand by your convictions, while reaching out to hurting people is my best advice.  What if abortion could be prevented simply by convincing someone that her life is valuable~ translating to her that her baby's life also has value?  That is truly "sanctity of life."  Just my two cents worth.    


  1. Great post, Penny! My thoughts exactly!

  2. Thanks, Linda! A step of boldness on my part to write about something with substance for a change. And a hot topic for discussion, even though that is not what I'm hoping for.