Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dear Santa...

This is Leon's third Christmas and he is really into it this year.  He's oohing and ahing over all the lights and trees, asking for things, opening presents, and talking to Santa.  :)  Shelbi and I went to Gulfport (where he and his mommy moved a few months ago) and picked up Leon for a few days.  I haven't seen him in three months and it was getting unbearable.  On the way home we searched for houses lit up in the dark.  He would get so excited every time he saw "Krismus wights."  I said, "Leon, you like Christmas lights, buddy?"  He answered, "Yeah!  and cheese... and cereal."  LOL  This kid cracks me up!  Later, he snuggled up in the recliner with his Poppa and just sat staring at my living room tree.  In awe, he looked up and asked, "Poppa, did you make that tree?"  Larry told him, "No, Mimi did."  Leon looked up at me with the sweetest expression and said, "Mimi, good job on that tree!"  Man, this boy melts my heart.  :)

Saturday, we went to my dad and stepmom's in Pearl, MS, for their Christmas dinner.  Before my stepmom could finish her plate, Leon was under her telling her he was "ready to open pwesents."  heehee  After lunch, we took him to Bass Pro near their house to see Santa.  His first Christmas with Santa picture was pitiful~ a local Santa with an eye infection produced a creepy looking picture.  Click HERE to see that one again.  Last year, another mall Santa was no better~ he closed both eyes and looked asleep when we got the picture.  (Neither mall allowed me to take my own pictures.)  Bass Pro let me take my own.  I couldn't take many because I didn't want to hold up the hours long line, but I got a couple of keepers.  :)

Leon walked right up, took Santa's hand (probably didn't hurt that it had a "canny cane" in it), and climbed right up into his lap.  He looks a little stiff in the first picture, but at least he's not crying like some kids.  :)

Then, I suggested he tell Santa what he wanted so I could get a "relationship" picture I was craving.  He turned and said, "I want a wagon."  Then he proceeded to tell the big guy that he has been "peeing in the potty."  LOL  Santa was very impressed and told him what a "big boy" he is.  :)

I LOVE this picture!

One of the gifts he got Saturday was a Woody doll from my sister, Becky.  He loved it!  He pulled the string several times on the two hour drive back to my house.  "There's a snake in my boot!" cracked him up every time.  Then, he'd tell me, "You're my favorite dekudee."  (deputy) 
In case you're wondering if we've discussed the real meaning of Christmas with him, he also piped up with "I love Jesus!  I love birfdays, too!"  :)
So far, this has been the best Christmas~ and it's not even Sunday yet.  This is why two to five is my favorite age span.  :) 

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  1. Hey, Penny, long time no see! You must have had a buy summer. Your Leon is growing, but that is what happens when you feed and water them!

    Our year has been eventful. I don't know if your read about my surgery, but I've recovered nicely. Now the hubby is redoing my bath room, and we are going to put down new flooring in the family room. That will take some doing. I have so much stuff. I guess we are very blessed!

    Have a happy New Year.