Friday, August 14, 2009

Just To Keep It Interesting!

The last week of July was supposed to be my last child free week of the summer, and ended up being the opposite! Let me explain. I teach kindergarten and teachers start cleaning, organizing and decorating their classrooms for the new school year. Contrary to popular belief, teachers do not get three months off in the summer. We are lucky to get June and July off--- if we don't have any workshops or conventions/conferences over the summer. What to do with that last week off? Well, see all the grandkids, of course. Saturday, the 25th, we met Debbie in Arkansas and picked up these two cuties. We were excited to get to spend some quality time with these two. They live five hours away. :(

Rebecca (8.5) and Lauren (4.5)

We spent Saturday and Sunday with just them. Then Stephanie brought her three Monday morning and we kept them while she worked. (Okay, that's 5 on Monday. Keeping up?)
Noah (7.5), Mason(5), and Harlee (2.5)

Tuesday, Larry and I took Becca and Lauren to see Leon. We ended up bringing him home with us. (That's 3 on Tuesday.)
This is Leon (5 months) enjoying his supper of sweet peas. More on that later. =) WHEN Blogger decides to let me download the video. Tried tonight and two hours later--- nothing.

Wednesday and Thursday, we had Steph's three again. (That makes 6!) We set up the wading pool for the older 5. Then, Leon woke up from his nap and Mimi thought he might want to join in the fun. He liked it on his toes and feet, but this is what happened when he got splashed in the face. Poor baby!

It didn't take him long to come around. I knew he would like it--- he LOVES his bath!

Thursday was the last day we'd have all six together. With all the thunder storms and the unbearable humidity all week, Shelbi and I took the oldest 5 to McDonald's for ice cream and play time. They had a blast!

Mason (aka Curious George) promptly jumped up, grabbed the top net and turned himself upside down. Lauren was amused.

Harlee doesn't get to play with girls often, so she was tickled to spend time with Lauren. They played so well together all week and were so good! (Our baby girls!!!)

Thursday evening, Harlee, Noah, and Mason went to their Dad's. Friday was the first day with no thunderstorms, so Mrs. Betty (a church friend) let me bring the girls and Leon to swim in her pool. Shelbi was babysitting Brayden, so we had the girls and two babies.

Leon LOVED it! Sarah should take him swimming every night. He slept 11 hours after we got home. =)

"Mimi, you're blocking my rays! Can't you see how pasty I am?" LOL

This is the best picture I could get of these six little monkeys! Harlee, who had not cried ONCE all week, was bawling in every group shot. Leon was tired and looked at everybody BUT the photographer. I'll try again. The next time they're all together will probably be Christmas, though! :(
Saturday, I drove back to Arkansas with Becca, Lauren, and Noah. (Noah spent the week there with his other grandparents.) Sunday, Shelbi and I returned Leon to his Momma. Monday, back home. Phew! What a week!

I posted some more "professional looking" portraits of Becca and Lauren on my photography blog. You can click HERE to see those.


  1. Leon is adorable! Looks like you had a great time. How is school treating ya?

  2. Thanks! He's here right now. My mom is taking him back to Sarah Monday morning. He is an angel. =)
    We're (kindergarten) just testing through next Thursday. I tested 5 yesterday. Each child is tested individually for an hour. Then next Friday 21 little munchkins will invade my space. =)

  3. Cute are a trooper...what a busy week!

  4. I guess the only good thing about K, and not having your grandkids, is they are all about the same age, and you get to send them home at 3:30!

    Looks like you had a great time. We are going next weekend to see 7 of the 8 grand kids. They all live 6 hours away from us.

  5. people say me and sarah look so much alike...does that mean my future kid might be as cute as leon??? :) hope so, love his little fat self. btw, baby fever STILL not gone, going on a year now, lol.

  6. Man! I bet you were tired! You go Meme! :)

  7. What a cute post and such sweet pictures...

  8. Penny,

    I just wanted you to know that I did make the macaroni, and it was amazing!!! I have been meaning to write and let you know, so I'm glad you reminded me. It is a keeper!!!