Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Post and Pics

Larry and I spent this past weekend with Mallory and Daniel. We had to wait until I could get home from work to finish packing before we could leave. We stopped for supper in Monroe, but on Friday night at 7:00 every restaurant was packed! We went on to Ruston and ate at Ryan's. Not my favorite place, but it was quick. We got to Mallory around 8:30 or 9:00. We went to School Aids, and another teacher supply store, the next day so I could get a few things for my classroom that I can't get locally, then went out to lunch at a retro burger place that specializes in cheeseburgers and milkshakes. It's called Cheeburger Cheeburger in Shreveport, if you like a good burger. (Yes, I spelled it correctly. lol) We are broke right now and Mallory said they were between paychecks, so we just rode around a little while and ended up stopping at a manufactured/mobile home park. Larry has a cousin that just bought a $100,000 mobile home and I'll admit, I was curious to see one of those! The salesman met us at the car (BIG surprise, huh?) and told us to go on in--- the prices are posted on the refrigerators. The first one we went in was over 2,800 sq. feet (1,000 more than my house) with cedar siding and a porch! It was as nice as any brand new house I've seen. The kitchen/dining room/ living area was all open and so beautifully decorated I wanted it! It was like no "mobile home" I know of. They're not even called "mobile homes" any more. I can see why! I know that touring homes we don't plan to buy may seem dorky, but it really was kind of neat to see. I might have to get me one! =)
Mallory cooked for us Saturday and we ate it again Sunday for brunch. We had to get back Sunday afternoon. I needed to chill for a while. After the day (felt like dayS) I had Friday, I wanted to rest up for Monday. Friday was the first day I had my whole class of kindergarteners. The week before, we tested each one on one. That was nice, but when all 17 (some were absent) were there Friday, it was chaos. Actually Monday and today weren't bad at all! My kids are really sweet, it's just a new school, new routine, new curriculum, new paper work and all I have to get used to. I have to have a routine, or I can't even think straight.
Anyway, here are some recent random pictures.

Shelbi's first work pictures. (These were actually taken her second day of work, because the pictures Larry took the first day didn't turn out. The flash card was fulled and it distorted them.) She was hostessing/cashiering the past two weekends. She's working this evening,too.

Here is my favorite baby, Leon, two weeks ago. I love the way he's studying his Poppa, while playing with his toes. =) He LOVES his Poppa. I think it's mutual! Poppa elected to keep Leon in the sanctuary during church Sunday, even though Mimi had nursery duty. All because I reached for him and he turned back towards his Poppa. He has always reached for me, so Poppa was smitten. Now, who wouldn't be? Just look at that face! ;)

He was here for his 6th month birthday, so we had to go out and get his first outdoor photos. Poor baby was sick with another cold. Crappy daycare germs!! He was still sweet as ever, but didn't sleep as much as usual. :(

Okay, this is deceptive, but funny! Shelbi propped him up, let go, jumped out of the way long enough for me to snap this. I think he's in shock that he was let go of. =)

Since he's not sitting up yet, we laid him on the swing and this was one of the sweetest expressions. He was looking back at his Aunt Shelbi, who was whining that she was hot! ;)

Trying to talk to us. Awww!
He just started teething and sucks on his lower lip. He is so sweet!

I tried for hours to upload my little video of Leon eating. It is so cute, but Blogger won't let me. I even left it loading last night when I went to bed and, this morning, nothing. Stupid Blogger!

***Brag Zone***
I've been working late after school this past week and stressing about all of the new paper work. Yesterday, I only had time to eat one fruit cup while the kids were eating their snacks, so I texted Larry (because he was off) to please make something good for supper. He went to the store and I came home to grilled pork chops, baked potatoes and sweet corn. OMG, it was good. Thanks again, baby. I love you. =)


  1. You could've stopped by the Reeves residence...and got something quick and cheap. HA! Glad you got to spend some time in Shreveport. I cannot imagine buying a $100,000 trailor...seriously???

    Cute pics of Leon (and Shelbi)!

    Videos - I've learned never to go over 1 minute (RIDICULOUS) and if Blogger won't do it try photobucket. Then there is an option to post it directly to your blog.

    Man, I am so jealous of that supper Larry cooked. Charlie and I JUST had a conversation about his cooking and he promises 'to grill more often'. Looking forward to it ;)

  2. that's funny cause daniel cooked pork chops, corn, and baked beans the other night! daniel is DEFINITELY the better cook in our house, he can throw anything on the stove - with or withOUT a recipe - and come back with the best dish you ever tasted (fattening but tasty :)

    i could only HOPE that my (future) baby is half as good as leon! i have never bonded with a baby like i did with him =) it is the SWEETEST thing when he's trying to fall asleep (while i'm rocking him) and you can hear him sucking on his little fat hand underneath the blankie.

    ps, why is shelbi wearing eyeliner on the bottom but not the top??? just wondering if maybe that is a teen thing that i don't know about, lol ;)

  3. That picture of Leon sitting up is so funny! Glad yall had a nice time at Mallorys. Sounds interesting looking at the homes.

  4. He is so cute!
    I didn't know they still had Shoneys in Louisiana. I used to LOVR that place for their breakfast buffet, but all of ours closed. ;(

    I may have to visit next time I'm in Monroe!

  5. Casey, I think people that use the term "trailer trash" are going to have to rethink that phrase. The people that can afford these "trailers" are better off than I am, that's for sure!!! =)

  6. i love how daddy still has the remote in his hand, lol! all the pics are cute, i can't believe he's getting so big...and i'm missing it!!! makes me sad :( i hope to visit soon. love and miss yall!