Thursday, December 10, 2009

Praise and Prayer Request


Debbie sent me a text tonight that I just read a few minutes ago. She said that Rebecca, our almost 9 year old granddaughter got saved tonight!!!!! I don't know any details of where and what transpired and it was too late to call, but I am in tears just from reading the text. Becca's always been tenderhearted and spiritually minded, asking lots of questions about God, Jesus, Heaven, etc. Just look at my sweet girl! Now, who wouldn't want to spend eternity with her?!

Rebecca, this is THE most important decision you will EVER make and the fact that you made it at only 8 shows everyone how smart and special you are! =) I am SO proud of you. I love you, baby!

My Dad called today and said my Uncle Harold is in ICU on a ventilator. He was diagnosed several months back with "hardening of the lungs." (I don't remember the technical name for it.) Anyway, he's probably only 60 years old and has a wife (my aunt), 2 daughters and 6 very young grandchildren. Please pray for Harold and Thelma Allgood and their family. Thank you.


  1. Good news, and bad news. Is the uncle saved?

  2. Yay for Becca! Whoo Hoo - I see a Praise Leader in the makin! You know she loves that microphone!

    Praying for your Uncle. In Jesus Name.

  3. Thanks, ladies. Linda, he professes to be. And yes, Cristi, I remember Becca trying to upstage you. Unfortunately, her musical talent would fit in better with me and Todd, than a praise band. lol

  4. What a praise!!! I am so happy for you and your family on this news.
    I had an Uncle Harold.... loved him dearly. He had heart surgery and they only gave him seven more years to live. He ended up living for 22 years more..... and we cherished every moment with him.