Saturday, December 19, 2009

Senior Portrait

My baby, the Senior! I can't believe Shelbi is graduating in less than five months! Where did the time go??? I LOVE this picture. Shelbi is glowing and simply beautiful! The photographer took the drape shots for the yearbook. I bought a small package and will be taking some casual portraits over the next few months. =)


  1. Her hair wasn't really frizzy, just appears that way in a scanned picture. Don't have a clue why.

  2. Love the picture. She looks gorgeous.

  3. i just got done commenting on her myspace about how gorgeous this pic is, lol! i wish she would do her makeup like this natural look more often, she looks sooo pretty!

  4. Thanks, Cristi and Linda! Mallory, Stephanie did her makeup for her, but Van smoothed her skin out with PhotoShop. =)
    PS Leon's here!

  5. You know, you could do your own drape shots.... go to
    a fabric store and buy velvet ... ( or a thrift store and find
    a velvet dress for less )... cut a long rectangle out ( make
    sure it will go around her shoulders )... then safety pin three
    or four little "folds" at the front center.... then drape it
    around her and clip or pin in the back. That is how I do it,
    and how the high school portrait company I use to work
    for does it.. ... shoot away!