Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting Close...

Sarah called today and she is TWO centimeters! She's due in two weeks, so I knew it could be any time, but I am still surprised. I was only two centimeters when I went into labor, maybe less. (By the time you have three babies, you forget every detail and years later can't remember which story goes with which kid. Or, maybe that's just me. None of you other moms out there get your kids' milestones mixed up, right?) I do know she can still go till her due date and then some, but have I mentioned she is working two jobs right now? Being on her feet sometimes 16 hours a day is probably not helping her reach her due date.
Anyway, I'm getting excited and a little stressed out. My child is THREE hours away and going to go into labor at any time. We're also still getting things gathered up for this child. He needs to wait at least till his due date to make his grand appearance. But if he's anything like his momma, I don't expect him to cooperate! lol

I just hope that the few of you that are reading this are praying people. (I think all of you are, unless someone I don't know about stumbled upon me.) Please pray for Sarah to have a safe and quick delivery and that my "Leo" is healthy. Reading all these blogs recently about complications with full term babies is disconcerting. That's not even counting the ones that were early, because we're past preemie now. Phew...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

This was taken at Christmas. She was 7.5 months.


  1. Oh boy, here you go. Not long now.

  2. By the way, get a picture for your blog! You need me to take it? LOL

  3. omg LOVE The belly pic w/ sarah. she is so pretty. can't WAIT to meet Leo!

  4. sooo we need an is Sarah?

  5. We are praying for Sarah. :>) I decided to make a new sling for her after I recieved much flack about the other one looking "girlie". we are back to square one. I think I may have some fabric that will work. I will let you know when it is finished.