Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Children and Grandchildren Tally

I couldn't think of anything in particular to write about in this first real post, so I'll just give you a brief glimpse of my family. I was going to add a picture of myself but I don't have a recent (or decent) one, so I decided to post a picture of our six girls. Yes, six! When my husband and I married (almost 19 years ago) he had three girls, I had two, and two years later had one together. Five years after we married, my husband officially adopted my first two. The six now range from 16 to 32 years. The baby is the only one left at home. (Empty nest countdown has begun. :( That's a whole other post.) The oldest has two little girls of her own. The second oldest has two boys and a girl. And daughter number five has a boy due around Valentine's Day (a new little "sweetheart"). Rebecca, our oldest grandchild, will turn eight Feb. 5th. She was born on her Poppa's birthday. The others are Noah (7), Mason (4), Lauren (4), and Harlee (2). I'll probably be posting a LOT of pictures of them. Look forward to that. :)

This picture is in birth order. Left to right: Debbie, Stephanie, Leslie, Mallory, Sarah, and Shelbi.


  1. lOVE THAT PICTURE. The girls all look beautiful. Welcome to bloggy world. It will be a great place to put your great pictures. Also love the sunset picture.