Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little People-- Big Personalities

I'm sure as soon as the new baby gets here, mine and my blog's attention will be focusing on him for a little while. So, I decided to introduce the first five today.

My Aunt Willie Belle said, "The first is always special." They all are equally special, but if you have more than one you know what she means. There's just naturally more excitement with the first grandbaby. When Debbie, Larry's oldest daughter, called to tell us she was pregnant I was thrilled for her. As Debbie's stepmother, however, I wasn't exactly sure where and how I would fit in. Would I feel like a grandmother? Would the baby somehow "sense" that I wasn't his or her "real" grandmother? I was quick to tell Debbie that I wanted to be called "Mimi" and I wanted to make sure that this child would never feel like a grandchild second class. My step-grandparents had taken my sisters and me into their family immediately and I knew I wanted ALL of mine to feel... well, like they belonged to me. But would they? All of those fears were completely and forever calmed the day Rebecca was born. After a long labor, with Debbie still in recovery and the baby safe in the nursery, Debbie's mom stepped outside for a moment. A minute later a nurse came in and asked if we wanted to go back and see Debbie. My husband and I followed her to Debbie's recovery room where she was resting. We and her husband were the only ones in the room when the nurse walked in with the baby. Debbie and Brian held her for a minute and we took the first pictures of the new family. Then Debbie looked up at me and said, "Do you want to hold her?" WHAT? I got to be first?! She slowly handed her over and Rebecca looked up at me and that was the moment. I became a real grandmother once and for always. Now almost 8 years later, I will soon be one for the sixth time. Wow!

Rebecca has always had her very own distinct personality. She is beautiful, bright, and funny. Her humor is about the quirkiest kind you can imagine and her giggle is infectious. She reminds me SO much of Larry's Great-Aunt Willie. Aunt Willie had her own "Willieisms" and Rebecca has her "Beccaisms." One of my favorites was when she was hanging off the couch by her feet and said, "Hey, everybody. Look, I'm up-down-side." So naturally funny. :)

She called today to announce that she got her ears pierced. She couldn't wait to tell Shelbi (who at 16 still doesn't have hers pierced) that she is braver than her.

I took this at her 7th birthday party.

Noah is next. He is seven, being born just a few hours shy of Becca turning nine months old. Yes, we got two in 9 months! He is Stephanie's first and the first boy for all of us! This was quite a shock for us after only raising girls. Noah has been a lot of fun from day one! With Stephanie living so close to us, we've been able to spend a lot of time with him. He is charming, when he wants to be, and a quick learner.
He's a man's man, or boy's boy, in this case. His biggest loves are video games, action movies, four wheelers, mud riding, baseball, and he LOVES spending time hunting and fishing with his daddy. He's also a big ole' Poppa's boy. :)
I took this gap-toothed picture this morning before he went to church with Poppa and me.

Mason is Noah's younger brother. He turns five in March and just started pre-school last fall. Mason is the most attached to me. He was born during a really dark time in my life and brought light and life back to me. He was the best medicine to my heart, ministering to me as I nurtured him. He still lights up when he sees me and I'm always the first one he looks for when he visits. He is active, curious, and very smart. I call him my Curious George, because it's one adventure after another with this one.... and usually a little mischief involved along the way. ;) He reminds me most of my Nan when he gets that twinkle in his eye.

Lauren is Rebecca's little sister. She's four and I'm not sure I can adequately describe her personality. This one definitely has a mind of her own. She has the most determined little temperament, sometimes driving her mom crazy. Just wait till the teen years, Deb. :)
She used to walk around her house in Arkansas with a phone on her ear all the time. She always told her mom, "I'm talking to Mimi." Now, it's depends on her mood if she'll even take the phone when I call. Most of the time I hear her in the background saying, "No, I don't feel like talking." I think she's the most unpredictable of all five of them. She loves Dora the Explorer one day and Hot Wheels the next. She definitely keeps everyone on their toes. What a mess! :)

Last, but not least, here's Harlee. In spite of having two big brothers, Noah and Mason, this is one girly little girl. She just turned two in Dec. and it shows! As the baby granddaughter, she has her Poppa wrapped around her finger. You'd think he'd be immune by now to the wiles of women, but I think he's a slow learner. lol She loves books, Barney, her "thilky", and her Aunt Shelbi is her favorite person.
She is such a smart little cookie. She started speaking in sentences before her first birthday, mostly when admiring someones jewelry. "Ooh, what's that?" was her first whole sentence. A little on the nosy side. We thought she'd never learn to walk, though. I think she just enjoyed being carried for 15 months. (Just like her Mimi. lol) She still wants to "hold you." She is a trip and everybody is enjoying the ride! :)

Now that you've met these five, you who don't already have your own grandkids are going to be begging those grown children to hurry up and give you some!!!!
Love, Penny


  1. Okay you are just proving that I was right. I knew you should start a blog. Good job.

  2. What a great post about the grandbabies!