Saturday, January 24, 2009

To Be or Not To Be.....

Okay, that title totally reminds me of my two favorite high school English teachers, Mr. Hathaway and Miss Crouch. Which in and of itself is a good thing! (Wish he were still around to read it. Miss Crouch, if you stumble across it, please be kind and overlook any grammatical errors. Remember, this is NOT for a grade. If it were, you know I'd kill myself tweaking it into an A+. Besides, my spellcheck assures me it is fine. lol You know I love ya, Miss Crouch. :)
Anyways, the title poses the question I've been asking myself since I decided to begin this blogging adventure. What kind of blog am I going to do? Reading all the others so much before trying it myself has me a little intimidated. Hey, just being honest. Some of the ones I read are hilarious, sweet, dramatic, touching, etc. You get the picture! Competitor that I am, here I sit giving a lot of consideration to something that shouldn't be that complicated.
Okay, here are my random thoughts.

  • Should I be serious? (I am REALLY good at serious.) Sometimes serious can be boring, though.

  • Should I be funny? I will try, but honestly my sense of humor can be a little dark or sarcastic. I definitely wouldn't want to end up with comments telling me how I offended someone. (I am totally not offended by what some anonymous blogger writes on THEIR OWN blog, but some people take too much to heart.)

  • Should I be dramatic? I think I'll probably pass on this one, at least most of the time. Although, my life can be considered drama.... think "Dallas," I don't think I'll air all of my dirty laundry. ;) Besides, with the economy like it is, the real soaps don't need more competition.

What do you think? One of the above? or do you have a better suggestion? I know, I know... I am crazy posing a question when I only have two followers, but there's always the chance someone might come across it.
BTW Thanks Cristi and Tracey for signing up so quickly and not leaving me looking like a total loser. lol I love y'all! (That is "you guys" if you're from the north.) That's me! all inclusive.



  1. I agree with Cristi! Also, I cannot figure out how to follow someone's blog. Am I an idiot or what? I have somehow figured it out on a few people's blogs, so they must have had some really obvious link or something. How do I do that?