Thursday, February 11, 2010

A "Happy" Birthday Preview

Guess who's first birthday is coming up??

Leon's pretty excited about it, too!

My favorite pose.

Sweet boy!

The smile lasted until the bib went on. Apparently, wearing a bib while NOT eating is not an option. :)

Last Friday, Shelbi and I decided to try his birthday outfit on. It was a little snug, but I wanted some pictures before I had to exchange it in case I couldn't get it in a bigger size. (Little chunk weighs 21# 10 oz!) Sarah is supposed to take him Monday and get some professional poses.

Anyway, there's you a little sneak preview of the birthday boy. Birthday post coming Tuesday and party pics after that. Oh, how I love first birthdays. =)


  1. he is too cute, i love his little teeth he's been sportin' now =)

    that last face is something else, lol!

  2. I LOVE the last picture! hehehe Are you kidding me thats almost as much as Avery weighs!!! phew...

  3. 21 pounds???? I know a 2 yr old that only weighs 23! Can we borrow a couple? Love the outfit! Sarah shouldn't waste money of professional pics. You are just as good as anyone I've seen!

  4. Casey, that was really sweet, but I'd love to have some of Jami's with the cute props and all. Wagons, ducks, etc.
    Cristi and Nikki--- I know, it made me laugh out loud when I loaded it onto the computer. He really loves his bibs, but only when he knows the food is coming. This kid cracks me up with some of his expressions! Have I mentioned, lately, that I love him? lol