Friday, February 5, 2010

The Last Single Digit Birthday for Becca

Rebecca Ashton is nine today, born on her Poppa's 46th birthday. It's hard to believe that it's been that long since Becca made me "Mimi." I wrote a whole post about my feelings on that HERE.
When she was a baby, her daddy was in the Army, stationed 2 to 3 hours away from us. Her Momma Debbie, and her Aunt Leslie were about the only people Rebecca would let hold her. For the first year of her life, her Poppa and I were resigned to be worshippers from afar. Around 15 months or so, all of that changed. Becca decided she loved us and it was intense! She is such a lovable, loving, compassionate girl. At seven, Becca donated her ponytail to Locks for Love. Becca is beautiful, bright, and extremely funny with an infectious giggle. She keeps us all in stitches. I'm pretty sure she was born to be a performer. Hairbrushes become microphones. She invited herself up on the platform one Sunday in church to sing for us. (Not shy.) She is a lover of all things girly; the color pink, Miley Cyrus, High School Musical, jewelry and accessories. Lately, I've been on Facebook only to see my chat pop up. "Hi, it's me Becca." I have that same message on my answering machine from at least a year ago. Can't bring myself to delete it. :) Becca loves to talk and loves to read. Yep, that's MY granddaughter. lol
Here are some pictures of my favorite FIRST granddaughter.

Becca and Mimi having our first talk just an hour after her birth.
This is one of the sweetest two month pictures ever!

Becca at 1 1/2. One of my all time favorite pictures. Her sweet little personality really shines. :)


At three, she became a big sister to Lauren. She was so excited when Lauren was born and has been such a good big sister.

I love this portrait of her at 4 1/2.

Her first official school portraits. Kindergarten- Fall 5 1/2

Spring- 6
This is typical of her silly side. 7th birthday party.

Second grade spring picture- 8
Becca and Lauren sharing secrets. Becca- 8 1/2 and Lauren- almost 5.




PS Hope to see you soon.

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  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Becca!

    Penny, I am so proud of you being able to put your finger on all these pictures for your post! Wonderful!