Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Left My Heart in Texas

I've been meaning to post these pictures of our new (new to us) camper. This is where my husband is residing until Shelbi and I can move to Texas this summer. It's parked in an RV park ironically called Just Like Home. ha

Shelbi and I went up three weeks ago to spend the weekend with Larry. He's only off one weekend a month (thanks to shift work), so he came home this past weekend. I'll go again this coming Friday through President's Day. Due to my work and his schedule, we'll only see each other twice a month until my Spring Break. :(

Look how tiny the bathroom is. I have to step in facing the tub or I have a hard time turning around to sit on the toilet. The tub is the size of a large dishpan. No kidding. I feel like Dorothy in Munchkin Land. =)

The living room/kitchen/dining room.

The master bedroom and Shelbi's "room" (the door is a curtain) below. It has two sets of bunk beds, but there were only two mattresses so Larry is using the other side for storage.

And there's my sweetheart sweeping the floor. He didn't stop grinning the whole time we were there. I think he had missed us a little. The feeling is mutual.

They say, "Home is where the heart is." If that's so, this little RV is my new home.


  1. Did I miss a posting? I didn't realize Larry was in Texas! I didn't know you were moving. When did that happen? Will you get a new job in teaching when you move? Answers, girl, answers! :)

  2. Linda, he works for International Paper and they closed his mill in Dec. I posted about the announcement in Oct. Didn't post much about the new job, though. He transferred to another IP in Jan. It's near Texarkana, TX. I'm staying here with Shelbi until she graduates and I finish out the year. Have to sell the house and everything. :( It will be closer to 3 of our daughters and 2 grands, but farther from two and 4 grands. Pray for Larry, he is miserable. Hates the job they put him on also. He has 34 years with IP and benefits like 8 vacation weeks a year. We are grateful he go to keep those and this time he didn't lose any pay--- well, he lost six cents an hour. :)

  3. Oh, and yes I'll have to start over, too. My certification is in Louisiana so that's a hurdle also. :(

  4. Sweet post. It looks pretty nice. I know you cant wait to see him next.

  5. Praying for you guys. I know this has to be so hard, can't imagine. At least he's still smiling :)