Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Year With Leon

Tuesday marked the anniversary of one of the sweetest days in my life. It's hard to believe we've had this baby for a year! Then again, it's hard to believe we've only had him one year. I can't imagine our lives without him. It seems like he's always been a part of us.
I wanted to have this post done early so I could schedule it for his actual birthday, but I spent the weekend before visiting Larry in Texas, got home late last Monday night and drove three hours Tuesday to see him eat his cake. All that traveling didn't leave much time for blogging. So here's his birthday post a few days behind. As sweet as he is, I'm sure he won't mind. :)

Here's my little honey on his original birthday.
And with his momma just 5 days old. Poor little fella was sooo jaundiced.

March--- one month old.

April--- two months old.

May--- three months old.

June--- Four months old.

July--- five months old.

August--- on his 6th month birthday.

September--- Seven months old.

October--- Eight months old and sporting his first tooth.

November 1st--- Eight and a half months.
Just threw this one in because I love it. :)

November--- 9 months old. Poppa
is giving him computer lessons.

December--- Ten months--- Christmas night.

January--- eleven months.
And his first mohawk
courtesy of Aunt Shelbi.
I am so thankful for this year with this little sweetheart. He is one of the greatest blessing in my life and his mommy's. I can't wait to see what God's going to do with the rest of this little one's life. He has already used him to change lives around him in this first year.
I am going to post the messy cake covered birthday party pictures soon. I just wanted to be sure I put his birthday post up first, even though it is five days late. Good thing he can't read yet. ;)


  1. They do have a way of burying themselves in our hearts, don't they! Happy Birthday, Leon!

  2. i was beginning to wonder where the birthday pics were :)

    june, october, and november are my favorite pics! can't wait to see him this weekend (we're still having a b-day party this weekend right?) and give him some loving...and some clothes and a new toy :)

  3. Sarah didn't want to do that. And I had no way to get him here and back for a short weekend. She only had a cake for him Tuesday on his birthday. I took the day off and Becky, Shelbi, and I rode over there. I don't know when I'll be able to get him again. No long weekends until Easter. :(

  4. hmmmph...i'm really sad now! daniel will be happy that we're not going down (meaning he won't have to stay in ferriday, or do the driving) but i still wanted to see my little man =(

  5. ps, i "edited" my blog so as not to embarrass you, lol :)

  6. You are the only disappointed aunt, grandparent, cousin, etc. :(

  7. What a great Mimi you are to travel 3 hrs to watch him eat cake! He is so adorable. Can't believe it's already been a year!

  8. Mallory, I meant you are NOT the only disappointed...
    Casey, your mom and all of y'all went to BR to play with a giant mouse. LOL