Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas with my Dad and Stepmom

Last Saturday, we all gathered at my dad and stepmother's to celebrate Christmas with them.  This was the first time in years that all 10 granddaughters could make it.  Plus the only two great-grandbabies.  Now that I'm a "Mimi," I know how much that means to parents/grandparents when they get to have everybody together at one time~ you know, outside of funerals. It's so hard to synchronize schedules when your children leave home~ not to mention what's it like to coordinate with grown grandchildren, too.  It's a true miracle when all the schedules work out.  I was so glad my Dad and Margie were able to have everyone this year.   Larry and I will have all of our daughters and grandchildren here Christmas evening for the first time in years, too.  Two years ago New Year's was the last time they were all here together.  I can't wait to get a picture of all the grands together.  :) 
Here is my Dad (Paw Paw) with my great-niece, Marley Nicole!  :)

My pretty girl is so precious in her Christmas tutu outfit her Aunt Courtney got her.

LOVE this booty shot!  :)

She tried to help Leon open his coupe car, but then Paw Paw pushed her present over to her.

Leon, with his OCD, was not satisfied until every piece of paper and tape was off the box.  ;)

Marley was content to pat her box and play with the bow.  Silly girl!

Paw Paw was even more excited than Leon about the car and dumped the contents all over the floor.  LOL
Someone didn't hesitate to try it out.

Riding in cars with boys!  First picture of the cousins together.  Wish my brothers were here to see this!  ;(
(We really miss you Ronnie and Keith.  You're never far from our thoughts.)

Be careful what you wish for.  Leon had been asking to "hold" Marley, but when he finally got to~ he wasn't thrilled!  haha  Looks like he's pointing for her to look the other way, but I think he was pointing to someone to get her off his lap.  ;)

Momma, Lindsey, was teasing baby girl!

And the fake smiling begins~ this is Leon "cheesing" on command.  Looks more like he is in pain.  Hilarious!

Man, this is a load of girls!  My daddy fathered three daughters and between us and his two (step) sons, we gave him and my stepmother TEN granddaughters!  (Not even one grandson!)  He doesn't look too miserable about it, does he?  :)  Leon is the first great-grandchild and only boy born into the family so far.  He looks so out of place.  LOL

Until you start trying to get professional looking pictures, you don't realize how impossible it is to get 16 people to look in the same direction at the same time!  (And no, I have no idea what Shelbi is doing!  ha)



  1. Cute pics! The last one can only be seen by clicking on it though, due to the blog layout :)

  2. That didn't show like that on the desktop, must be something to do with widescreen. ??? Anyway, thanks~ I edited it to fit. :)
    Love ya, Mallory.
    See y'all tomorrow night!