Sunday, December 5, 2010

September~ Family and Football

Leon was here twice the month of September.  We took him home Labor Day.  Then that Thursday, Sarah called from the ER.  She and Leon were both sick~ he had bronchitis.  She was also moving to another house.  We went back and picked Leon up.  The first few days, he was running a fever and felt awful.  By the third day he was up and running around~ back to his sweet, happy little self.  He ended up staying with us for two weeks.  Boy, was it hard to take him home!!! 
See him loving on Baby Bop?  This boy loves him some Barney.  His Aunt Shelbi did, too, and we still have her stuffed Barney and Bop from 17 years ago.  :)

My little maestro.  This was before Poppa caught him later on top of the ivories, playing with Mimi's Willow Tree nativity scene.  (Yes, these are September pictures, but it stays up all year.)

 All of the grands love playing peek a boo in our curtains.  I think I have pictures of all six doing this at his age.

His cousin, Amber, came over to visit Leon.  Sarah and Amber are 12 days apart and grew up very close.

Our oldest grandson played youth league football this fall.  Noah played center and did an awesome job.  His team won the "Super Bowl."  :)

Next up, October Balloon Race weekend and Trunk or Treat.  Hey, at least I'm catching up.  Give a lazy girl a break.

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