Friday, December 17, 2010

October~ Getting Closer

The middle of October each year, our area hosts the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race.  It is usually really neat.  People come from everywhere.  Sometimes, we have as many as 80 balloons in the sky.  This year the wind conditions weren't perfect, so we barely saw a balloon.  :(  We did have a great weekend, though, because two of our daughters came from Arkansas and brought with them two of our sweet granddaughters, Lauren and Becca.  They came to see Stephanie, my middle stepdaughter, after her surgery.  (She did really well.)  Since her little girl Harlee's daddy had National Guard drill, she spent the weekend with Poppa, me and her only girl cousins.  She loves it when they come down.  None of our grandsons were here, so we had a "girls' only" weekend.  They had a ball "camping out" in our living room. 
Left to right Lauren, Harlee (she lives here), and Becca.  

There is also a festival/flea market that comes with the Balloon Race.  Harlee loved the rides.  She was finally big enough to ride.  I love this smile on the carousel.  :)

All three girls rode the little cars together.

We sat on the riverfront for an hour waiting on the balloons to start.  But we gave up and went home.  :(
It was also the weekend after Lauren's 6th birthday, so she opened her "birthday box" from Poppa and me.  To read how that tradition started look HERE.

And another visit from Leon the last weekend in October.  He had a good time.  He's feeding himself very well.  (He was 20 months in these pictures.)

He helped Poppa with the yard work.  ;)

We took him home after Halloween.  Trunk or Treat pictures are coming soon.  (I'm getting caught up~ slowly, but surely.)  I love this picture of him and his Mommie on their porch.  :)

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