Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Harlee's Four!

Harlee's birthday is on the 18th of December and she is usually at her Daddy's.  This year her momma, Stephanie, celebrated the week before with a chili supper and chocolate cake.  (No other kind of cake satisfies this child.  Only pure chocolate will do.  She even smells candy bars to make sure they are only chocolate.  Such a smart girl!  A pre-reader has to do what a pre-reader has to do.  LOL)

She never would lean in close enough to blow out the candles.  (Good thing one of Stephanie's 
kids are cautious around fire.  Mason melted our umbrella in the heater later that night.)

Momma had to help.  :)

If they gave out Academy awards for opening gifts~ this Drama Queen would have be a shoo in.  
Wish we'd had a video camera on her.  She gasped, clasped her hands to her cheeks and oohed 
and aahed over every gift.  It was hilarious!  We should sign her up for auditions.  

 She "read" her card.  I had to pick this one just because she's called her loved ones 
(including me) her "Sweeties" since before she turned two.  :)

This is with most of her loot.  She was very pleased with herself.   I gave her the traditional birthday 
"box/bag" and her favorite thing in it was the $2 Princess mirror.  Go figure.  hehe

She had a blast and her guests did, too!  When Harlee's around, who needs cable?!  We love you, Harlee.  Next up, Christmas at Granny's and PawPaw's.  Then, I am officially caught up until the Christmas posts.  :)

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