Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Late Trunk or Treat Post

Our local First Baptist Church sponsors "Trunk or Treat" for Halloween.  Members decorate their vehicles, or just set up a scene, in the parking lot and the kids make the loop collecting treats.  Leon went as a rat this year~ reminds me of Templeton from Charlotte's Web.  lol

Here he is waving to little kids walking down our street.  Sweetest rat ever!  Check out his "cheese" bag.
I love this shot of his tail.  :)

Especially love this one of him and his Poppa.

Stephanie met us there with her three.  Harlee was a fairy princess.

This picture cracks me up... it is so Mason.  This is what pirates wear in the country. 
John Deere boots and LSU jackets.  Shiver me timbers!  ;)

 This group was awesome! 

 Our next door neighbor, Junior, aka Noah.

Now if we only had one more rat, he'd fit right in.

Our Noah also celebrated his birthday that night.  He turned nine Nov. 4th. 
He was really proud of the cell phone his parents gave him.

Noah did go Trunk or Treating, too.  He wore his football uniform from the previous post.
November pictures are right around the corner people.  Then I'll be caught up.  haha

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