Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let the Summer Games Begin!

In our small area, summer always starts at the ballparks. These are some pictures of a few of the first games of the season. This is Mason's second year of tee ball. The runner behind him almost passed him up. LOL

After three years of tee ball, this is Noah's first year with the pitching machine. Doesn't he look serious? Shelbi is in her 12th season of softball. She started at 5 years old. Now, she can only play one more year. =( I'm NOT into sports, but I do enjoy watching my child and the grandkids play.

And here is their biggest fan. I'm serious! This girl can cheer! and she'll sit there and watch the whole game!


Monday, while Stephanie worked, we kept the boys. Poppa and I took them, and Shelbi, to see "Up" and they loved it! Even though, it made some of us cry. Mason, our hyper child, actually watched the whole thing! Because of this child's usual inability to sit still for more than FIVE minutes, this was our first attempt at watching a movie in a theater.

Shelbi just made it back last Thursday from a week long trip to Disney World and Universal Studios with her friend Ashley and Ashley's family
where she bought Leon his first souvenir tee shirt and, of course, Mickey Mouse ears. We saw him Tuesday and tried them on. Isn't he a doll?

We kept Noah, Mason, and Harlee Wednesday and today. We attached a new sprinkler to the hose and they loved it!
Shelbi wouldn't join them and wouldn't even pose for me. Teenagers! Her Daddy had to help me out! =)

This is Harlee shivering. I love the way the water is sparkling in the background.

The boys head to their Daddy's tomorrow for the week and Harlee to her Dad's for the weekend. So after lunch tomorrow, things should be quiet for a few days. Since Larry has to work nights Friday through Monday, it'll just be Shelbi and me until Tuesday.


  1. that pic of leon with the mickey mouse ears is so funny! and i love the look of concentration that harlee has while watching the game =)

  2. Yeah...doesn't seem so much quiter after they've been there and then they're much quite than before they arrived!

    We saw "UP" yesterday in BR in 3-D. It was a little too sad for a kid's show, but still really good!

    And I totally know what you mean about sports. I am sure I will love it if Natalie far I have my fingers crossed for a serious dancer's certainly looking that way since she think's if music is playing she should be dancing. But I did love watching my son play ball and my daughter too, the few seasons she played. I also seeing that cheerleading is a serious sport too! Loved watching her perform Monday night at camp.

    Anyhow...enjoyed your post. I scanned through it earlier today, but I was too busy to read it. Mimi's work never end! LOL