Saturday, June 6, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

My photography blog, Footprints Photography, is now up and running. Why did I name it "Footprints?" My favorite poem is "Footprints." (If you're not familiar with it, please google it.) I feel like God has carried me through most of my life's journey and I'm trusting Him to carry this part, too. We'll just see where this photography things leads. Anyway, aren't our pictures our way of preserving the "footprints" we leave behind as we take this incredible journey? That's the connection I made.
Coincidentally, (if I believed in coincidences, but I don't) I "googled" a long lost teaching friend today that I haven't talked to in at least four years and was lead to her photography blog. I left her a comment and then proceeded to finish building my new blog. Before I published the first post, I had a follower. Guess who? Yep! my old friend, Valerie. How awesome is that?!
Now, go here to read more about my "hobby" and see my pictures, or just click on Footprints Photography on my blog list. Maybe, one day I'll learn how to make a button. There's always hope. ;)


  1. well sarah looks like you and she is gorgeous =) btw, i talked to her for over an hour last night and she wants me to come down for a long weekend on july 4th, since i'm off three days and can keep leon for her. daniel's trying to come with me but i don't want to chance him getting a call cause then we'd have to come straight back. anyway, i figure it will be a fun weekend =)

  2. I am on the road, using my son's computer. Isn't
    technology wonderful? I only had 80 blog entries to open this morning. If I wait until we get home, I'll be way behind!

    I'll comment when we get to a place where I can use my computer.