Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Daughter's a Daughter for the Rest of Her Life

June 24, 2006 was a really special day. Not only did I get to watch my first baby get married, I also got to welcome a new son into our family. Mallory and Daniel had dated for two years before getting married, so we already knew and loved him. This ceremony just made him officially "ours." We were so proud that Mallory made a wonderful choice and had NO qualms about trusting her to Daniel. I'm sure her Daddy still gave her the traditional (he'd been the FOB two times before) "Forget about the money, if this isn't 'right,' you don't have to do this," talk that he gave the others right before that walk down the aisle/stairs. However, we would have been totally devastated if Mallory had been a runaway bride that day! LOL All kidding aside, I hope Daniel knows how glad we are to have him and how much we love him as our own. I'm sure Mal will show him this and that will erase any doubts he better not have had. =)

Mallory made a lovely bride and I would say that even if she weren't my baby!

We went to David's Bridal for the "$99 Sale." What a trick! Mallory had already fallen in love with a $600 dress in the brochure, but when we looked through the racks of dresses in her size, she couldn't find it. And this store was packed with brides! She picked out two or three to try on and I added one I thought looked similar to the one she'd shown me online. She went to the dressing rooms, where we were met by one of the many sweet, helpful ladies working there. As the lady opened up a room for Mal and helped hang up the dresses we were holding, Mallory told her about "the dress" she wanted. The lady looked at what we had picked out and told her, "This is it right here." She was referring to the only one I had added to the pile. How cool is that?! Mallory tried on the other dresses before this one, but we knew the minute she zipped this one up--- it was it! Seeing her standing there in it literally took my breath. It also made the fact that my baby was actually getting married way too real. Man, they really do grow up quickly!

Here are the beautiful bride, handsome groom, and all the new in-laws.
Back row left to right: Daniel's parents, Dennis and Judy, and me and Larry.

Happy Anniversary Mallory and Daniel... and many more!
We love you both!
Mom, Dad, and Shelbi


  1. this was a very sweet post! i just told my co-worker *courtney* about this post and i was tearing up just talking about it =)

  2. Mallory, I wrote and scheduled this post WEEKS ago and it was supposed to be on here at 7:00 this AM. When I checked, it still hadn't posted so I had to change the time and re-submit it. It worked this time! Sometimes, Blogger is retarded! Love you guys!

  3. It is so good when they grow up and marry the right one!

    Best wishes to you, Mallory and Daniel. May the Lord give you many more years together!

  4. very sweet post...I feel bad now not doing one for Cameron and Brittany when they recently just made one year...I think I just had to much going on at the time.

    I read one-month ago as the update timeline...I was thinking, huh? Now I know!

  5. I love reading your blog! Such a sweet post!


  6. There is certainly something about seeing your baby girl in "the" wedding dress, isnt there. I cried too. Beautiful pics of Mal.

  7. Penny, thanks for commenting on your vote for the family photo. I, agree, the 2nd one has better lighting which was my first fave. I tend to pick the technically correct image whereas parents go for the best expression, etc. After I picked the 2nd image as my fave, I realized that the babies have better expressions...and after all, I can work on the lighting (somewhat) in photo shop. Thus, I thought another poll would be interesting.

    Again, thanks for commenting.