Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Laughs Are the Best!

I met Sarah halfway Friday to get Leon from her. As soon as she stopped her vehicle, I jerked the passenger door open to get to my boy. (Hey, it had been 24 days!) To get Leon out of the back seat, I had to pull him and his car seat over the passenger seat. For some reason this amused him and he started cracking up. It sounded like canned laughter. AWESOME! I'd heard a few little laughs before this, but this was the first time I'd heard him out and out chuckle! I loved it! The next day, he was in his swing and I was leaning toward him saying, "Ahhh, BOO!" and he started chuckling hysterically. I would get tickled and laugh at him laughing, then he'd get started up again. Who doesn't love baby laughs?!

This evening I heard Shelbi calling me from the bathroom and this is what I found. (After I told her to quit making him laugh until I got my camera ready. ha ha I knew he'd wear himself out laughing that hard and wanted to be sure I caught it on tape. Sure enough, he got hiccups and couldn't keep laughing. But I caught a few seconds worth. It's all about catching the little moments... for the blogs! lol) I LOVE the sound of his chuckle. Every time I watch it, it makes me smile. SO SWEET! =)

I'm going to post more pictures of our weekend later. I just HAD to get this video on here tonight. Isn't he a doll?!! (He sounds like one, too.)

PS Mallory, keeping this kid is not going to calm your baby itch! Your little itch is gonna feel like a BAD case of poison ivy after you babysit him! ;)


  1. Yes, there is something about baby laughs and giggles that nothing can compare to!

  2. I am glad I got to witness those giggles in person.

  3. Sorry about that...about not leaving email. I meant to do so. In future reference, if you need it, I have same one forever.

    Could you measure or have her mommy measure the waist of the 2.5 year old grandaughter and let me know. Thanks!