Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've added a lot more pictures to my new photography blog and will be adding even more soon. Don't forget to look over there by clicking here. To see more of my sweet Leon click here.


  1. I don't feel that much of Pro that much...just a lot more years and experience that some people...which does give an edge. I also remember starting off with the same feelings you have about good photography being expensive. I am sure most average people like us do start off like that. I remember thinking about how terrible my wedding pics were and that everyone deserved great/professional images at affordable pricing (at least better than what I had).

    That's the first thing that start teaching you in "school" is to charge what your worth. Sometimes I still don't think I am worth that much...I just don't think I am that awesome. I just try really hard to keep it fresh and looking what I THINK is as professional-looking as I can get from what was originally captured.

    As far as critique, I doubt you'll see much from me...I fear it sounds to know-it-all and that I am NOT, but quite the opposite. The more I know the more I really don't know and the more I feel inadequate. But if you have specific questions, I don't mind sharing...and if I don't know...I will be honest and say so.

    The only advise I will give is if you're pricing is too won't be valued like you should and burn out will come quicker. It's a fun field to a part much I could share or write a book about, but if you are giving all the should charge enough to justifyy your time and energy. That's the part that is so hard to charge for...only you can say what your worth and I am not so great at that. I totally wished had someone to do all the business end so I could just do the part I enjoy.

    Oh I didn't mean to say that or imply that I thought the only baby you had on your blog was your's just I see where you have potential to photograph many babies in your family and I definitely will be photographing clients to get my baby fix especially since Natalie is almost 4. You have lots of pretty grandchildren to photograph of all different ages and they are all so pretty/handsome.

    Okay...I need to get back to editing a session I should have finsihed weeks ago.

    Good Luck and above all have fun with photography.


  2. Well, even if you are humble about it, you are still a PRO and everybody thinks so, so there! LOL Thanks again for the encouragement.
    I knew what you meant about the grandbabies. I was just playing along! I get teased all the time about having so many at my age-- it's funny to me too! =)

  3. I have to be careful and not sound so negative about my work...I love it, but I don't enjoy it as much as I used to because I continue to bring more and more work on myself trying to keep it looking "good enough". I do it to myself. I am just to the point that I would like to do some other things (like hobbies) that I used to do before I took my favorite hobby and made a profession out sewing or even finish organizing my closet or the extra bedroom (Cam's room) that has turned into a storage room. Or what I would really like to have time to do is to keep up with my blogging like Nicki. I capture the images, but I can't just post them...they have to cropped, ehanced, watermarked, and sometimes framed. So much I want to do, but not enough time. It was much simplier in some ways before digital, but I love digital too and I would never go back...I just wished I could have both simple and digital advances! You cake and eat it too! more thing. I am to the point I am interested in possibly going with a store front...I am the point I want to quit or bigger. Would you be interested doing a partnership or something along that line? I am just throwing this out there. I had someone else in mind...I have had this on my mind off and on for awhile and it something I may or may not really persue. I think it would be nice to work with another photographer like beauticians do.

    Okay...I am really getting back to work. Lunch break over (and I never left the computer!) LOL.