Saturday, June 20, 2009

New (Well, Fairly New) Wheels

Larry and I have been searching for a third car for weeks. The car he's been driving to work is really getting old and so is my van. It seems like he's constantly working on one of them. We needed something newer as a back up car and since Shelbi is also going to college in one year, we got a small car that she can take to school with her. (Next summer, we'll worry about replacing his work car.)

We went out of town yesterday and found an affordable, reliable car, came home and got it financed. Larry went back this morning and picked up the car. We didn't tell Shelbi.

This was Shelbi's face when she first saw it. =) Now, what on Earth could make a teenager girl smile like that?! Only her first wheels... or a boy. Thank God, we got a car instead. hee hee

Nothing fancy, just a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am. Sad, but this is now the newest car we own!

Think she likes it? From the time she saw it until she had to go somewhere? 15 minutes!!!!!

She was gone for over THREE hours!!! Fun times! =)


  1. As you know, we finally replaced our 91 Towncar with a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan. A nice van, but I had it about 8 days, and creased the passenger side, $1900 worth of damage, (lucky we had insurance!)

    On our trip, the windshield got a big crack in it, $218, lower than our deductible! And, we think the shocks need replaced. Sigh!

    I'm glad Shelbi got her 'new' wheels!

  2. I love the new car! I know Shelbi is so thankful!